Running Through Airports

One of my least favorite things to do is run through an airport. On a trip up North – a trip where I was concerned about the weather during my stay and not while traveling – I was delayed an hour and forty-five minutes for the plane to be de-iced in Raleigh. There was a mix of rain and sleet and they had to be sure there was no ice on the wings. The flight crew told us that there was limited equipment in the South to deal with snow. Luckily my connecting flight was delayed by 15 minutes, giving me the needed time to make it. As I had to change terminals I got to run down a moving walkway. There was a moment of fun when I opened up to a comfortable pace on the empty moving sidewalk. I should have been tracking it with Runkeeper. The gate agent said they were waiting for and nobody boarded after me. My checked bag made it too.

Check Your Work

I am as susceptible to typos as anyone, but I go back and read the posts (usually) to check for mistakes. Not only am I seeing lots of typos online, but I keep getting apology emails about getting zero dollar invoices from platforms I haven’t used in years, totally mis-directed emails and even emails with broken links. As marketers and content creators are moving faster than ever before they are also making more mistakes than ever before. Take a breath and check your work before clicking send.

We are Having a Mermaid Moment

I’ve already posted about the latest incarnation of the Snuggie, which is a mermaid tail blanket, but I got an email about the latest millennial fashions and it included a different mermaid tail blanket. They have to be blankets rather than leggings or pants, as it is hard to walk wearing a fish tail. Just ask the girl who played Ariel in my daughter’s middle school Little Mermaid play. I know someone who went to mermaid camp in Florida and there was an article in the NY Times about a bar in Montana with windows into the hotel pool that hired woman to perform in the evenings as mermaids. Hopefully there’s no Splash re-make in the works, but there probably is.