Traveling Wilburys

I just got the new Traveling Wilburys Collection. I contains the 2 albums, some unreleased tracks and a DVD. This late 80s, early 90s supergroup featured George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Jeff Lynne (of ELO).

I put the CD on, and the music drilled right into my brain. It has been years since I’ve heard these songs, as I only have it on a copied cassette, but it was so familiar. It was almost like listening to the Beatles again. This is great music that is just as relevant as it was nearly 20 years ago. Glad it can find a new audience.

The site has Traveling Wilbury podcasts. I’m anxious to listen to them to see how an old band experiences the world of new media.

Kid-Run Business or Just an Excuse to Stay Up Late

The kids came up with their own business tonight, but I don’t think it was coincidental that they also went to sleep very late. Summer is winding down, and school starts on Monday. They are going to have to start going to sleep earlier so they can wake up earlier. This should only be a bit of a shock, not a great shock.

Instead of reading, Peter was drawing pictures. They decided that they could go into business and sell the pictures. Grace is the manager of the business. She decides if Peter’s pictures are good enough to sell. They were ready to stop after four pictures, but after doing one more, Peter proclaimed that since they created five pictures, they were a business.

“Dad, would you like to buy a picture? They are only $2. We take change, cash and checks. But no credit cards.”

As if it needs more hype

Last night was the premiere of the latest Disney marketing machine, High School Musical 2. Checking Technorati, there are over 37,000 posts about it.

Since I still don’t have my tv (and my cable wasn’t working when I hooked up a tv I borrowed from Meg), I needed to find a place for Grace to watch it. Peter was spending the night with a friend (who invited him over to watch this premiere). My friend Katie invited us over to watch it on their 55″ tv. Grace was very excited to watch her favorite show on a tv bigger than she is.

Subtlety of Sort Order

In a recent update of itunes (before the Apple TV and iphone updates), the sort order changed. My default sort order for my music is by band, both in my master music list and in my “shuffle” playlist. That’s my playlist of the 5,000 songs on my ipod, except the holiday songs and the live tracks that I have downloaded from concert bootlegs. So whenever I opened itunes, or went to my shuffle playlist on my ipod, I saw the song, Me and Guiliani Down by the Schoolyard by !!! (pronounced click, click, click). This is not a song I listen to, but my ipod always starts on this song.

Recently I noticed that the first song is by A.M. and !!! has now moved to bottom of the list. This is not something that bothers me, but I wonder why punctuation came before letters and now they come after.

Now Watching Jericho

In my current TV-less world, I just started watching Jericho in streaming episodes on the internet. I haven’t watched a prime time tv show regularly in 4-5 years, and probably have only seen a handful of shows during that time as well. I am much more interested in cable shows or movies. I was looking for an option other than a 2 hour movie on DVD, and streaming tv sounded good.

I recently heard an interview with one of the producers of Jericho and thought it sounded like an interesting show. It is about a small town in Kansas coping with surviving what might be a post-apocalyptic world. The show was canceled after its first season, but due to the response of its rabid fanbase it will be coming back as a mid-season replacement.

Anyway, since I don’t normally watch network tv, I also don’t keep up with their websites and how they offer full episodes. Beyond buying episodes of shows on itunes, I really didn’t know what was available. I was pleased to find all episodes of Jericho available for free. I watched the first episode and thought it was pretty good. It has an engaging story, good characters and enough mystery and uncertainty to keep you hooked from episode to episode.

I checked online to see if it was available on DVD, since the internet stream is not of full screen quality (even on a laptop). It is not coming out until October. I am sure I will watch the rest of the episodes before then. I have already watched 3 of the 23.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Last night I finished the seventh Harry Potter book. While I was not in a race to finish the book like Peter was, I did read it in just a few days. In fact, I read about half the book yesterday. I really wanted to be spoiler-free when I read the book (which I was), and the further from the release date we got, the harder it was getting to steer clear of spoilers.

I enjoyed the book. It was very different from the others in the series. It tells a different kind of story. There were some surprises, but overall it turned out as I expected.

Blade Escalation

I recently received a free razor in the mail. It has 5 blades and really looks ridiculous. Can all these blades really make a difference? Actually, they do. Am I going to use this new razor? Not a chance.

Sure the razor was free, but blades are expensive. An 8-pack of blades is $25. Even with the $2 off coupon included with the razor, these are $3 per blade. This is a standard marketing tactic to give away the base part for little or no money and charge a high price for the additional or replacement parts. Remember those cheap halogen floor lamps that everyone bought for $30-$40 and found out the replacement bulbs were $15?

A closer shave may be important to some people, but not to me at this cost.