Brand Extensions in 2007, Bad and Good

Brandweek magazine published the results of an online survey of its readers to determine the best and worst brand extensions (when companies create new branded products that extend their core products).

Here are the worst overall:
Precious Moments coffins
Humane Society Dog Lovers Wine Club
Girls Gone Wild apparel

The worst food brand extensions:
Hooters energy drink
Bumble Bee Prime Fillet chicken breasts
Trump steaks

The best overall were:
PetSmart PetsHotel
Huggies Little Swimmers sunscreen
Disney’s Fairy Tale wedding gowns
American Idol camp

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Is it me, or does the world keep changing?

from Carolina Alumni Magazine:

Far, far away are the days when students used to line up to use their residence hall’s only phone. Cell phones have now rendered dorm phones so obsolete that student contact information, which included dorm phone numbers, has been excluded from this year’s University directory.
…Students no longer will receive phone books at their residence halls. It seems that students, who prefer to look up each other’s contact information through Facebook and online directories, were throwing the phone books off dorm balconies.

The World is Changing, Again

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about a phone conversation with my mom. She knew I was busy because I wasn’t updating my blog. Well, today she told me that she has moved beyond my blog and was following my Twitter stream. She has started to check my Twitter page obsessively and now follows my every move. I may post what I had for lunch and she sits and waits for me to post again, wondering what I am doing, or what am I about to do next.

I wonder if I should tell her that she can get these updates sent to her phone?

Peter’s First Basketball Game

Peter (41) gets set on defense

Peter’s basketball team had his first game yesterday and his team lost 30-6. Just for fun, I Twittered his stats by quarter. This way all I had to keep up with were his stats by quarter, and then I could just add up the quarters for his totals, which by the way were: Stats: 4 shots, 0 pts, 4 rebs, 1 asst, 1 steal.

This is a new age level for Peter and he is playing on an expansion team. Half the players on the team they played were returning players from last year. This means they were older, and played together last year.

Peter’s team now knows what they need to work on: controlling the ball (dribbling and passing) and moving to the open spot to get shots.