Meetup and a Movie

Last night I joined a local movie group and went to see The Darjeeling Limited. The group is for independent movie fans, many of whom seem to share a common experience: finding people to go with them to non-mainstream movies.

I had planned on seeing it last night anyway, so this was a way to see it with others, rather than alone. We went out for a drink afterwards. Since my moviegoing has increased lately, this is a good group to be part of, especially since they focus on independent movies.

Need Coffee Before Coffee

The reason coffeemakers have timers is so you can set them up to brew while you are wide awake. Last night I decided to skip this modern convenience and just make it in the morning. After pushing the on button, things seemed wrong. The bean grinder was strangely quiet and the liquid filling the carafe was nearly clear. I turned it off and discovered that I carefully measured the whole beans into the filter, rather than the grinder.

Social Networking Likely to Grow in Businesses

from PC World:

While social networking sites may primarily be the domain of students and recreational use, enterprises can be expected to climb aboard as well, dignitaries said at the Nokia Mobile Mashup 2007 event in Palo Alto, Calif.

Mobile Mash-Up emphasized mobile computing, social networking, and extending social networks to mobile devices. Although many of the estimated 200 persons in attendance acknowledged participating in the LinkedIn business networking site, only a small handful used the more recreationally oriented MySpace site. But as the “millennial generation” leaves school and enters the workforce, businesses will have to accommodate them by deploying the social networking capabilities they are used to, analyst Ben Bajarin, of Creative Strategies, said in an interview.

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What I’ve Been Watching

Just finished Battlestar Galactica Season 2 DVDs(2.0 and 2.5). Season 3 isn’t being released until April 2008, which is after the start of Season 4. Show fans are very unhappy about this. I don’t care much about when the show airs, I just want to find out what happens in the Season 3.

Getting ready to start Arrested Development and The Office. I borrowed Seasons 1-3 of each, as I have never seen any of them.

Social Media Bookmarks

I have been exploring Social Media tools, especially ways to easily share bookmarks on blog posts, and I found a great solution today:

That little share box below has been added to my template, so it is automatically generated with every post. Click the share button for a list of common and uncommon bookmark sites. To save this post, click the one you use and it will add it to your listings.

And, I added a Subscribe to Feed button from as well. It is at the bottom of the right side bar.

End of the Football Season

Carrboro Cougars prepare for what turns out to be their last game of the season

Peter’s football team, the Carrboro Cougars, went to the first round of the playoffs today on a cold fall morning. It was a hard-fought game that went into overtime tied at 13. In an overtime period that gave each team a chance to score, the other team scored and the Cougars did not.

The boys held their heads high and were proud of their season. Now on to basketball.

Phone Forwarding Mania

I have recently started forwarding my phones to my Blackberry. I don’t have a very good signal at home from my personal Verizon phone, and I don’t have a home phone. Every night when I get home, I forward my cell to my Blackberry, so I can receive the occasional call (usually Meg or my Mom) without having to stand in just the right spot of my bedroom. And that spot does move.

I have also started forwarded my work phone to my Blackberry. It started one day when I needed to work from home to stay with Peter, when he wasn’t feeling well. My boss forwarded my phone to me and sent me an email that said, Ha ha, you should get lots of calls now. It actually was very convenient because both people in the office, and my clients could call and reach me. It didn’t matter that I home.

Well, today I was getting ready to travel to Nashville, and I knew I was going to forward before I left, but earlier in the day I had a meeting in another part of the office and forwarded my phone to my Blackberry just in case any of the three people I left messages for called me back. I was on the phone and all three of them called me back. An ad rep also called me and I couldn’t transfer her to our Media Buyer. The VP of Marketing from my client called both my numbers, and left 2 voice mails on my Blackberry. And finally while I was at the gas station, a client called on my office phone and I got a call to schedule an appointment (on my personal phone) and they came to my Blackberry.

I learned how to answer a call while on a call (press the green answer button, as indicated on screen), but more importantly, I learned how to return to the call on hold when you are done with the new call (use the scroll wheel to bring up the menu). It is definitely a skill to juggle all these calls on one phone, and I am getting there. It may be time for a new bluetooth earpiece.