Film Directors and Commercials

In the film world, Michael Mann is well known as a producer and director, with credits that include the new action movie “The Kingdom” as well as “Ali,” “The Aviator,” “The Insider” and “The Last of the Mohicans.”

In the advertising world, Mr. Mann is a director, most recently of two Nike spots that started in August. He has also done work for Mercedes and Rolex, projects that suggest how important the small screen is becoming to filmmakers.

Click to continue for a NY Times article about film directors and commercials. Above is a recent Nike ad directed by Michael Mann, creator of Miami Vice and director of current Jamie Foxx movie, The Kingdom, which is referred to in the article.

Unbelievable Courage

In the aftermath of the fire in my apartment complex, we heard more about the two girls living above the apartment where the fire started. They dialed 911 and jumped off their balcony to avoid the flames. This makes me walk out on my balcony and look down. I understand that it was a life or death decision, but I don’t know how they made it.

Here’s a news story about them, including video.

I Learned a New Slang Term Today

Smurf: a person who goes around from pharmacy to pharmacy buying sudafed (or other controlled drugs containing pseudoephedrine) to use in meth labs.

Two personal notes about Smurfs:
1. In high school, I collected Smurfs. It started with a soccer-playing one.
2. I had a friend in college who was from Cuba, and he pronounced the name of these blue creatures smuf. No matter how many times I tried to get him to pronounce it correctly, he just couldn’t. That started freshman year. Late in our senior year, he told me that he could say it right, but he once heard a Japanese kid say it this way and he thought it was funny. He had me going for 4 years.