Cole Bros. Circus

Today we went to the Cole Bros. Circus, which bills itself at the World’s Largest Circus under the Big Top. We had tickets in the front row, so the view was great. It was the first circus I have ever seen in a tent. I have only seen the circus at indoor arenas, so it was fun to be under the Big Top. This was definitely a full circus, featuring Chinese acrobats, motorcyclists, trapeze artists, clowns, horses, elephants, poodles, and The Human Cannonball.

Clown 1

Clown 2

Clown 3

Grace with cat face paint

Zarina, The Human Cannonball

Hi from Sunny Florida

We had a pretty quiet day today. We slept late, ate breakfast outside on the deck (or lanai as they say in Florida) and watched the Parade in HD. We finally went out in the golf cart and drove down to the river. I was speeding along at 18 miles per hour.

We went to the putting green where the kids got some practice shots in. Peter is determined to beat me at miniature golf tomorrow.

After a quick snack we stopped off at the butterfly garden. Grace was sitting in the golf cart and honked the horn. I saw a big splash out of the corner of my eye. I told the kids I thought it might be an alligator. We waited and watched the pond. All of a sudden I saw the eyes and nostrils of a small alligator. I pointed it out and the kids got nervous. We saw it began to swim back to shore, and the kids said let’s go. I put the pedal to the metal and sped away in the golf cart at something under 18 miles per hour (No gator photos, as we were moving too fast).

And finally, we had our traditional Thanksgiving dinner (out) at the Club restaurant here in my Mom’s development. We have been having Thanksgiving dinner at the club for the past 8 years. My mom decided that she would rather spend time with us, instead of cooking for two days, so we started going out. Tonight she said, maybe next year I’ll cook for Thanksgiving. We will see.

Duke Class of 2011 By the Numbers

According to Duke Alumni Magazine:

19,206 Total Applicants
1,701 Freshman Enrolled
33 Countries Represented
38 Freshman from Korea, most from another country
220 Freshman from North Carolina, most from any state
18 Freshman from East Chapel Hill HS, most from any HS
28 Freshman named Michael, most common male first name
21 Freshman named Sarah, most common female first name
29 Freshman with the last name Lee, most common in the class
406 Freshman enrolled in Chem 211, most popular elective
1989 Year in which most Freshman were born

Change of Blog Template in My Future

Blogger just announced another new feature, Slideshow, that I am interested in, but… you need to be using the upgraded Layout tool. I didn’t switch when it was announced because I didn’t want to redo all my settings and links. Since I am now taking and posting more pictures, I was already thinking about a slideshow function. I guess I need to look at making this change. I wonder if there is an automatic transfer path.


As we approach the busiest travel days of the year, which also happen to include a large number of infrequent, casual travelers, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has created a new campaign to help travelers “speed” through security. It is called SimpliFLY, and the campaign is promoted with posters and a video.

They really missed from an information spreading point of view. The poster is not on the website at all, and the video is not easily sharable. It streams by opening Windows Media Player. Have they heard of YouTube?

So we now have a system of travel where we remove our shoes, belts, watches; put our small containers of liquid in a certain size bag; take our laptops out of their cases; and the government would like us to pack more neatly so they can more easily scan our bags. What’s next: a request to wear loose-fitting clothes to make strip searches easier?

The Death of E-Mail


Those of us older than 25 can’t imagine a life without e-mail. For the Facebook generation, it’s hard to imagine a life of only e-mail, much less a life before it. I can still remember the proud moment in 1996 when I sent my first e-mail from the college computer lab. It felt like sending a postcard from the future. I was getting a glimpse of how the Internet would change everything—nothing could be faster and easier than e-mail.

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