Looking for the next bright idea

Last night I removed a light bulb from Grace’s light. It is a small fan light bulb, but that fits in a full size socket. It is the only use of this light bulb in the house, so we obviously don’t have another one. When we moved into this house, every light fixture had unique bulbs, which we have strived to standardize.

Anyway, I came downstairs holding the lightbulb and I laid down on the couch. I wound up falling asleep, tightly clutching the lightbulb. I woke up with my fingers stiff and wondering what I was holding and why I was holding it so tightly.

A tattooed short story

Meg said she wanted to get a tattoo. When I asked her what kind of tattoo, she said there’s a woman who has written a short story and it is being tattooed on volunteers one word at a time. She started a couple of years, but is not yet complete. If she would read all her email, she has enough volunteers, but she also said a new email might slide in ahead of others if she happens to read it.

The woman’s name is Shelley Jackson and here is her web site. The name of the story is Skin. I was interested because I went to high school with Shelley Jackson and it is possible that it was the same one.

This Shelley Jackson:

was extracted from the bum leg of a water buffalo in 1963 in the Philippines and grew up complaining in Berkeley, California. Bravely overcoming a chronic pain in her phantom limb, she extracted an AB in art from Stanford and an MFA in creative writing from Brown.

A podcast to check out

If you like audio fiction, and are into thrillers, a new podcast called Shadow Falls is just for you. This is a professionally produced audio story, written for this podcast. Many other podcasts stories are like audiobooks, where the author, or another single voice reads the story, but Shadow Falls use actors and sound effects to achieve a higher level of drama and tension.

There have been 3 episodes so far, so make sure you go back to the first one and start at the beginning.

For every light that shines… a SHADOW FALLS. Podcasting’s first professionally-produced original drama series, SHADOW FALLS tells the eerie tale of a remote Northeastern town that holds secrets some will kill to protect and others will die to expose. Settled 300 years ago by the survivors of a mysterious tradgedy, the people of Shadow Falls have become pawns being used by two supernatural forces seeking to win a war older than time itself, a war which many believe could trigger the Battle of Armageddon, and wipe out humanity as we know it.Those with alliances believe the time has come once again for the cycle to begin anew as two young women have vanished just as a pair of very mysterious strangers have come into town. This time, they believe this war will finally be decided once and for all and all their toil and sacrifices will be rewarded. What they don’t know is that they’re wrong.Dead wrong.Spun from the wicked mind of author and screenwriter Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, SHADOW FALLS is a fully-immersive and addictive mystery that will leave you gasping for breath and begging for mercy.Just don’t expect to find mercy here.

Here’s the iTunes feed. Go here if you need other feeds.

What a way to describe wine

In a review about Valpolicella, an Italian wine, in the London (ON) Free Press, the reviewer stated:

What I love most are the contradictions in the wine — is it love or war? Is it a kiss on the lips or a kick in the arse? The answer is it’s all of these.

So the next time I go to a wine store, I think I’ll ask the clerk, “Do you have something that is a kick in the arse?”

The links keep building

Earlier this week a 19 year old man, after allegedly shooting and killing his father, drove to his former high school in Hillsborough NC and opened fire. Two students were treated for minor injuries and the suspect was arrested. Several hours earlier he sent the following email to the principal of Columbine High School.

“Dear Principal. In a few hours you will probably hear about a school shooting in North Carolina. I am responsible for it. I remember Columbine. It is time the world remembered it. I am sorry. Goodbye.”

Help is on the way

I have been in my new job less than 6 months, but I have managed to get myself completely overwhelmed with work in that short time. I have also become a bit of a bottleneck for my client and have wanted to push more stuff through (get more production jobs prepared, started and managed).

My bosses have offered hiring an assistant for me, and I have interviewed several candidates. We discovered that I needed someone more than an assistant. I needed someone with agency experience who could hit the ground running from day one. Well, we interviewed her today, and she starts on Tuesday. This is a tremendous relief to me.

I also got an intern today, dedicated to me, who will work 2 afternoons a week. She’s a college student majoring in advertising, so in addition to “intern” type work, she will be shadowing me, and learning how things work.

My challenge is keep both of these people busy, and keep all of us happy. The team grows, and this is good.