Sleep Deprivation

From a series of articles in about sleep:

Robert Stickgold, a cognitive neuroscientist at Harvard, said “We think we can deprive ourselves of sleep and drink triple espressos or take Modafinil. But that’s like saying, ‘I’ve figured out how to cure hunger in Africa: I’m going to send over amphetamines so people won’t feel hungry anymore.’ It doesn’t address the underlying need.”

Fallen Mascot

Grace and Rameses, November 2005

Since I live in Chapel Hill, have die hard UNC fans for children, and have opportunities to go to many UNC games, we have lots of pictures like the one above. I just don’t post them very often.

Jason Ray, the student who cheered on the Tar Heel nation as the UNC mascot, died from injuries suffered in a tragic car accident. I want to pass on my thoughts to his family members and friends. He sounded like a great kid that will surely be missed.

Personal Headline Connection

Even though I just said below that I am not very likely to post about leading news headlines, I do feel a need to commnent on the latest news about John and Elizabeth Edwards.

When I read the following quote from the 60 Minutes interview:

ON WHAT JOHN EDWARDS AND HIS WIFE TOLD THEIR TWO YOUNGEST CHILDREN: “I said, ‘Well, Mommy’s cancer’s back.’ And they said, ‘Can she die from this?’ And then Elizabeth said all of us are going to die eventually. We’re all going to die from something. And Mommy knows now what she’s probably going to die from.”

All I could think about are the kids. Jack and Emma Edwards go to the same school as my kids, and were in the same classes as my kids last year. I know the kids better than their famous parents, and it pains me to think that they had to talk to their mom about her death.

These are pretty normal kids, even though they have grown up in the spotlight. They have eaten meals in the White House, they have been on the campaign trail, and have even addressed large crowds of people. Well, at least they were on stage while their parents addressed them.

Post Relevancy

I was recently reading the Wikipedia notability requirements for inclusion, because I want to add a listing for my client, plus I had recently heard a story about an author who’s listing was removed because he wasn’t notable enough, and I thought about the notability requirements for my blog.

Generally if I find something on NPR, Slate or some random site, and it interests me, I would include it here. If something is on the front page of Google News or CNN, like the YouTube link to the Hillary 1984 video, there is no reason for me to blog it here. I blog as much for my own benefits, rather than generating links on any of the social media listings. I don’t actually use any of those anyway, although I have listed this blog on Technorati and I finally have my first link, giving me a rank of 1,873,219.

This flurry of blogging is happening from a coffee house with free internet, while Grace is at a birthday party.