What I Dream About When I Dream About Running

With apologies to Murakami, I had a dream that I was running. I was given a route to run by my boss, which is clearly my brain telling me that I need to get back and run. I have not run very much or very far during our shelter at home time and I can definitely feel it. In the dream I was wearing a blanket while I was running. That is the extra pounds I’ve added while sitting at home and eating well. Deborah has baked a lot of bread. The dream run passed by several people waiting for the bus, while I struggled to run up a big hill. I definitely acknowledge my privilege, especially in these times, while thinking about others who don’t have the options and opportunities that I have.

Dog Grid

I don’t really know how a dog’s nose works with its brain, but our foster dog patrols our yard as if it has a map that tracks all of the smells. Sometimes she walks the perimeter. Other times she goes back and forth, up and down the yard tracking a grid. She might be looking for new smells or confirming old smells, but she is clearly cataloging the odiferous world of her primary domain.

Stolen Car

I had a dream that my car was stolen from outside my house. It wasn’t this car and it wasn’t this house. It was a silver Bronco, but the old style similar to the one that OJ escaped in. Although it may have been a Suburban, since it seemed bigger. The driveway was covered in snow, so when I looked out the window, instead of seeing the vehicle I saw tire tracks in the snow. This happened on a Sunday, but I got so busy that I didn’t report it until Monday. The police scolded me for waiting because the car was likely long gone by that point.

The Best Dog

Velvet is a 7-year-old pointer/lab mix who is the perfect dog for these stay at home times. She will practice meditation and mindfulness alongside her new forever family. She doesn’t need a yoga mat and is already a pro at doing Downward Dog. You will not feel bad about missing trips to the hair salon because she is letting her grey show through too. And unlike the kids who are struggling to remain engaged during homeschooling, Velvet has excelled at learning basic commands from her foster mom and she wants to learn more.

Pandemic Graduation

No pomp. No circumstance. No caps. No gowns. This was supposed to be graduation weekend at UNC, but it has been cancelled, or maybe re-scheduled for the fall. It is a bittersweet end to an amazing four-year journey for Peter. His stellar college career was expected to propel him into the next phase of his life, but he is now venturing forth into an uncertain world where the old “normal” will never return. Over his four years at UNC, Peter has grown into a thoughtful and compassionate man and I am so proud of him. I know that he will overcome this bumpy start into adulthood and become an even better person through weathering this adversity. Congratulations to Peter and all the 2020 graduates!