Packing and Moving

My neighbors spent the entire day packing a UHaul van. I don’t envy them as it was 90 degrees. They were still at it late at night, putting a car on the trailer, moving the truck and their cars around. I thought they were heading out at 10:30 at night. But they didn’t.

I don’t know where they slept–maybe the floor–but they left at 7:00 in the morning.

Moves Like …

An inchworm has a very unique way of moving. It’s different from snakes, worms and caterpillars. It has four feet in the front and four feet in the back. With its front feet in place, it folds its body up so its back feet are next to its front feet. It straightens out its body, moving its front feet forward. It’s fascinating to just watch it move. Simply. Consistently. Deliberately.

Oh, and it doesn’t even need to go straight. It can shift its whole body to turn a little bit or a lot.

More and Faster Beetles

Moore’s Law states the computing power doubles every 18 months. I came across an example that shows what that really means in practice. In a book by Andrew Yang, founder of Venture for America and democratic candidate for president, he says that if Moore’s Law were applied to a 1971 VW Beetle, by 2015 it would go 300,000 miles per hour and get two million miles per gallon of gas.