Eat Your Vegetables. Check.

I joined a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for the first time. This means I get a box of fresh, local, farm-grown vegetables every week for eight weeks. This particular CSA supports Karen refugees (who make up 7% of Myanmar population) who grow Asian vegetables for their families as well as the CSA. The first week included romaine lettuce, kale, sweet onions, pea shoots and strawberries. I finished eating everything – with the help of my daughter – on the night before it was time to pick up the next box.

Intersection of Running and Travel

I enjoy running in new cities because it gives me the opportunity to explore them in a way that I might not otherwise get to do. I have been to all 50 US states, but I wasn’t sure how many states I have run in. Turns out it was 32. Those are outside runs, not hotel treadmill runs. That means I’ve run in more states than most people have visited. For me to count a state, I have to remember a specific run in that state. Good thing I remember all of my travel runs. But I can always double check by cross referencing the travel dates in my travel app with my tracked runs in my running app.

My Receipt

In the fall of 1979 I played on my school’s Freshmen soccer team. Since we were not a varsity team, we did not get letter jackets. But we did get lined windbreakers with a soccer ball and the school’s name on the back. My name was embroidered on the front.

I put this jacket on in the fall of 1991 to go to Food Lion. I bought a bottle of log cabin syrup for $2.49 and a non-food item for $1.00. I know about this transaction because I put the receipt in my pocket. I no longer wear this jacket, but I keep it in my coat closet. I discovered the receipt while modeling the jacket. I have no idea what the non-food item was.