Phone Free

The pickup cab was illuminated by the glow of the smartphone screen. Loud voices and hand-waving filled the space. Suddenly the window opened and the phone came tumbling out end over end. It landed in the road with a crack. With the window open the anger spilled out into the night. Tires squealed as the truck pulled away.

The smashed screen reflected the headlights of the oncoming cars. As each successive tire rolled over the phone its secrets were lost forever.

Rabbit Ears

There was a rabbit outside my office window. It was eating grass, but it was also watching me as I was watching it. Because it was still, and I was close enough to see it clearly, I was able to focus on its ears.

Of course animals with big ears are more attuned to sound, but to watch the mechanics was fascinating. Both ears up and facing forward. Aimed the same direction as its eyes. There’s a sound on the right. The right ear rotates right. Sound on the left. Left ear rotates left. Both rotate back to the front.

Sleepy Lines

There’s a line between being awake and being asleep. Often I fall asleep quickly, so I miss this line. But if I wake up in the night, or a few hours early, I sometimes hover in this state. This is when lucid dreaming happens. I feel like I am awake, but I know I am dreaming. I read the headline of an article I was working on, “Area man worries about the future,” but I knew I was not the area man.

Advertising Overload

I placed an order with an online office store and my confirmations were filled with ads. The confirmation pop-up box offered me funding for my business. Once I cleared that, the confirmation featured a small banner text ad offering me a $50 credit on job site. And finally, down the right hand side were small ads for a social media tool, a physical mailing solution, an email solution and business software.

That’s way too many untargeted ads. I made my purchase with a guest account, so they know very little about me. But I purchased some pens and a laptop stand. Those items do not scream: small business. Their ad targeting strategy could be a little smarter. And a lot less overwhelming.