Expressive Brand Voice

A well-known brand posted their complete style guide online and they have two styles of voice: functional and expressive. Below is the description of their expressive voice with only one word removed. It is nearly impossible to distinguish this brand based on this description:

Expressive copy is where our brand personality unfurls with day-making thoughts. We use expressive moments on focal products to present a product truth in a fresh, relevant, interesting way. When we have the space, we tell a passionate story. But even with just a few words, our copy can make you smile—always taking into account where our audience is interacting with us—and making every word count.

New Direction in Life

I saw a pair of hand-lettered signs covering interstate signs. Does this mean that anyone taking the message of the homemade sign to heart will not merge onto the interstate and head in a new direction? The sign said Jesus is Coming in black marker. The next road number sign was covered by a similar piece of poster board that said Repent and Be Saved. I did not change my plans and still got on the highway.


Sometimes I write down a post idea and before I can get to it, it comes up again. I saw a wig in the road and I considered writing a story about the curly black wig. Drag queen in convertible. Cancer survivor in a mini-van. But before I did, I passed a store selling human hair wigs. That’s another story in and of itself. But is the universe sending me signals about wigs?

This is a Brand Voice

I got a sale email from a company where I had previously purchased something. This copy was hiding at the bottom of the email, below all of the sale items. It is so good that it almost makes me want to buy from them.

We were halfway through building a fort out of your money when we realized… we need a fireplace that we can use to burn money. For warmth. There’s just one problem: if we use cash to build the fireplace, we have less to burn. You see the issue, yes? Excellent. That’s why we’re having this sale. Did you know that was the origin of the term “fire sale”? To describe a promotion that would generate revenue to use as kindling? Look it up. In a book. Then, give the book to us. We won’t burn the book – we’re not monsters. We’ll just pawn the book off and burn the sweet, flammable proceeds. Once we’ve completed our money fireplace, we’ll need to hang something over the mantelpiece. We were thinking of hiring an interior designer for that. Have you ever hired an interior designer? Of course not. Anyway, their rates are ridiculous. This isn’t just a fire sale. It’s also a designer sale. You know what to do. Our fort demands it.

email copy