Taxes Done

Woo-hoo! I finished my taxes and we are getting a bunch of money back from the government. I guess it was our money to begin with, so we really are just getting it back.

TurboTax makes it so easy, especially when transfering info from the previous year, that I was able to do my taxes sitting on the living room coach. Occassionally, I had to get something from my desk, but mostly I just had to find info in Quicken.

Last year we bought iPods. Wonder what we’ll get this year?

A new job

After 3 months out of work, I started a new job today at a local ad agency. I have actually started on a 4-6 week contract to make sure that it is a good fit (in both directions), but I expect at the end of the contract I will be offered the job.

I am working as an account executive on a hardware account that includes a new consolidation of 5 separate brands. At the beginning, the focus of my assignment is internal project management, rather than client contact. Seems good so far, but it is a new mindset as I devise ways to keep many projects moving along at the same time.

The strangest part of this is that I have been very available for the past 3 months. I have managed to get myself overcommitted and not managed to get the things done I needed to do around the house (and in my life). Now, all of a sudden, I am not available at all, and I still have some things I have to do. I have a couple of consulting projects that I started, and I have to find some time to work on.

Up in the Air

As I was coming home from buying a couple of bird books (Peter’s cub scout den is going on a bird hike this weekend), I saw the Sky5 news helicopter in the sky heading towards our neighborhood. I shook my fist at it and screamed, “Not again.”

I got out of the car and looked in one direction to see the helicopter. Directly overhead was a red tailed hawk. I don’t know what the helicopter was looking at, maybe the Open Eye Cafe (above), but I’m sure the hawk was looking for food.

Good Karma Deer

We were driving home from the NCAA Basketball tournament at nearly one in the morning and a deer crosses the road in front of us. I had been going about 70 (in a 55) and I slow way down to make sure the deer doesn’t have any friends following him.

I sped back up and I noticed a car pulled over to the side with its lights on. I slowed down as I got close and realized it was a state trooper. I was glad the deer made me slow down.

Our driveway is steeper than I thought

I moved my car out of the garage to get some chairs from behind my car. I put these chairs into our other car and I turned to see my car rolling down the driveway. I can’t say why I didn’t set the emergency brake, but I didn’t.

The first thing I tried to do was open the door and get in. The car was already going too fast. I got the door open, but I was thrown through the bushes and to the ground. My car rolled out of the driveway and into the street. It rolled across the street and into the opposite driveway as I jumped up from the dirt to try to stop it.

All I could do was get behind it and try to stop the car. Even though my Saturn is largely plastic, it is still heavy. My first attempt didn’t really slow it down. In one instance the following scenarios flashed through my head: the car running over me, the car crashing into the neighbor’s house, the car pinning me against the neighbor’s house, telling the house’s occupant’s mother (an old woman who speaks only Chinese and stays home with her toddler grandson) that my car just hit the house.

My second attempt to stop the car worked. I hopped in the car, turned it on and pulled it back up into the garage. I carefully set the emergency brake and got out. My heart was pounding, my knee hurt and I had a bruise on my chest. I had to take several breaths before I could continue getting ready for the NCAA tournament in Greensboro.