Walking to the Doctor

Today I had an eye doctor appointment and I walked from my office. What a joy to work in town. I had to orient myself as I walked through the various office building parking lots, but once I figured out the right direction to go, I was all set.

I did pass the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, which stuck me as a little odd. Specialities are one thing, but is there really enough business for a clinic to focus on this?

Her First Exhibition

Grace also entered an artwork in the Community Art Project. Her drawing of the Tooth Fairy is hanging in Carrboro Town Hall. I guess she can now add this show to her CV.

Update:My Hubcap is in the Chapel Hill Public Library. I went to look for it the other day, and couldn’t find it on the main hall downstairs when the art shows usually are. It turns out it is in the most prominent spot in the lobby of the library. What a kick!

I Love You More Than Hot Dogs

by Peter (inspired by Jack Prelutsky and his poem)

I love you more than hot dogs,
Than toothpaste and purple peas,
Than very cold showers and very dead flowers,
And big fat fleas.

I love you more than soda,
And good gooseberry pies,
Than buttery popcorn and lemon-lime airborne,
And glasses for my eyes.

I love you more than notebooks,
Than juicy roast beef on toast,
Oh, I love ties of any size,
But I love YOU the most!