Heavy Traffic Due to Darkness

Traffic alert signs that hang on the highway in North Carolina alerted drivers to the possibility of heavy traffic due to the upcoming eclipse. These signs are 150 – 200 miles away from the zone of totality. The media couldn’t seem to make up its mind whether this was the event of a lifetime – albeit only 2 minutes worth – or something to avoided like the plague. The NCDOT just warned people about the traffic.

Dazzling Comment

As I’ve been publishing these daily posts, my awareness by spammers has increased. The quality of spam also increases, to trick bloggers into approving their comments. The following is good example of this: “You’ve dazzled me yet again with this top notch article of yours.” When I approve the comment, it includes a link to an unsavory site, which drives traffic for them. I publish their insincere comment here, but I never approve their comment spam.

Limited Edition Lunch

There are over 100 varieties of Lean Cuisine meals. Over the years I have eaten a lot of them. Today’s selection carried a Limited Edition banner across the box. What makes this limited edition? I understand that they will only make it for a short time and discontinue it, but it’s not that different from everything else. Will someone really choose this frozen meal over another one when they are the same price and it just has some different ingredients. They are really all the same to me, but I did eat it a little quicker because I was afraid it would disappear.

Your Language

I received a medical form in the mail with the following message at the top: “For language assistance in your language call the number listed on your ID card at no cost.” That statement, or something similar, appears in 19 other languages below it. In addition to the usual languages we see in the United States, like Spanish, French and German, this statement has been translated into Navajo, French Creole, Samoan and Taglog. I’ve never seen such language diversity.

Picture This

In the latest Michael Chabon book, Moonglow, there is a beautiful sequence where a mother and a son are looking at a photo album without pictures. It is the old style album with the black tabs on the corners of the pictures, but the pictures had fallen out. The mother describes the pictures to her son and it is a lot like the memory of her childhood, as opposed to an objective record of her childhood.

Its Bark is Worse than its Bite

I saw a tree, a very skinny tree, with bark that peels off in big strips. The strips just pile up at the base of the tree. It is almost as if every day someone comes by, and in their boredom, they peel off a little more the bark. They don’t tear it up into small pieces. They just leave it on the ground. But this seems to happen naturally.