Holidays Run Together

As holidays become more and more commercial – which really means that retail stores must sell more stuff for each holiday than they did last year – there is no break between them. Even though it is just about Halloween, I started seeing Christmas things about a month ago. It is all too much, especially for someone who doesn’t decorate or celebrate any of these.

Still Famous After All These Years

I got the following connection request on LinkedIn. The person is based in Italy, one of countries where a translated version of my book was released.

I asked you to connect because I just started a new marketing experience for a new company in a new sector. Quite challenging, but very exciting too. My boss just gave me a gift: your book. I was so pleased! So this is where I want to start from, learning from you.

Pun is Not Enough

A new cake store opened near me and their name is bad pun. I’m not going to include the name, because it is a big franchise company and I don’t want to alert them to this post. While I don’t know if it is the case with this store, but often local businesses work way harder on their punny name, thinking it will break through, rather than focus on real marketing. These are things like social media, word of mouth and events. I managed marketing and advertising for a niche retail store back in the day when most of your marketing was newspaper advertising touting your sales and events. It was tough back then, but a clever name wasn’t enough then and it isn’t enough now.

Capture Their Attention

I work for a travel client who still publishes a print magazine. At the same time we are increasing their digital presence, we are looking at how to improve the magazine for those who read it and get value from it. I described a situation that is the opposite of interruptive marketing. The magazine comes in the mail and it makes it inside. Someone is flipping through it, while standing at the kitchen table. What does it take for something to capture their attention so they sit down and really read the magazine?

They Used Maple Syrup Too

I have never followed a paleo diet, so my true understanding of it is limited. I thought the point of it was that you only eat things that the cavemen would eat. That’s meat, fruits, vegetables. That mostly rules out processed foods. Again, I don’t really know where you draw the line, but a package of paleo pancake mix doesn’t seem to fit. I don’t think the cavemen ate any kind of pancakes.

It’s Borderline a Little Creepy

I’m going to consider this a Halloween costume, because otherwise it is too creepy for me to think about. In the Target Men’s department was a full-size, blue fur Care Bear onesy. I think the blue one is the sad one, but I always mix up the Care Bears with the Teletubbies and who stands for what, so I’m not sure. I really can’t see a grown man dressing up as a Care Bear. Well, not in an un-ironic, mainstream sort of way. I guess they can cavort with the Bronies.