The Smell of Running

As the weather has heated up, the smell of other runners has not really changed. When you pass someone on the trail you don’t smell their exertion. You are more likely to smell their laundry detergent. As runners heat up and sweat, the temperature and the evaporation help carry the scent into the air. Only the people walking smell of cologne or perfume. Runners are less concerned with such things.

Amazon Whole Prime Foods

Amazon is finally bringing the benefits of their prime program to Whole Foods, which they acquired last year. It rolled out in NC this week and the store associates are doing their best to explain to shoppers how to participate. It’s pretty easy – if you know about it before you walk into the store. You need to download the Whole Foods app or make sure your phone number is on your Amazon Prime account. The cashier scans a bar code in app or inputs your phone number for you to get a discount on sale items. It works just like any grocery store loyalty card.

The notable thing about this change how it is announced. Of course I got an email, plus there was a news release that got picked up online. But walking into the store, they really demonstrate that messages need to be conveyed at every customer touchpoint. There’s a banner outside. There’s a table with flyers immediately inside the door. There’s a display with a sale item at the front of the produce section and signs throughout the store. The cashiers have shirts, aprons, hats all advertising that prime members now get a discount. Even the sticks you put between your order and the next one announces this program.

I was only testing the process to see how it worked, but I saved 67 cents.

The Class of 2018 is Angry

At my daughter’s graduation there were six student speakers. Every single one of them spoke about issues related to school shootings, racism, immigration, acceptance of diversity and complacency. And they spoke about them with passion and anger. They have every right to be angry, as they and their fellow students across the country take their lives in their hands every day. Going to school. That is unacceptable. If they can continue to channel that passion, get involved and start voting, we have a chance for change. And not change offered by the racist, misogynist, corrupt current administration supported by a do-nothing Congress.

Flying Rocks

I am used to the occasional piece of gravel flying up and hitting my windshield, but while driving a rental car a real rock flew up and hit the windshield. I saw the rock coming towards me. Almost in slow motion. It got bigger as it got closer. Oh my gosh, that’s a big rock. There was no crack, or even a blemish on the glass. I was surprised. And relieved.

Sign Supervisor

There are always extra people standing around road construction sites, but there were specific extra workers at a site near my house. The person holding the stop sign to manage the traffic flow through the one open lane had another person standing next to them. This was true on both ends of the closed lane. I drove by several times and the two people never switched roles. The sign holder was always holding the sign and directing traffic. The other person was always standing there not holding the sign. Supervising.