Spam Money

I periodically check my spam folder for errant emails that shouldn’t be there. Sometimes I find things like this:

“I believe we spoke a couple months ago about what you could do with a few hundred thousand extra in your back pocket.”

I’m sure I would remember speaking with someone about a few hundred thousand dollars, but just in case I don’t, maybe I should email him back. Just like with lots of scams, not many people need to respond for him to make some money.

Review of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

Wow! I loved this book. Some call it science fiction, but it takes place maybe 4 minutes in the future. It is a world where online video, social media, and cable news contribute to the divisive conversations that breed vitriol and violence. Hank Green effortlessly weaves in ideas about personal branding, influencers, science, technology, relationships, sexual orientation, and how would we respond as a society, as a species, and as a planet when the inevitable aliens arrive. But at its heart, the book is the story of how a young woman deals with an unanticipated level of fame that she did not choose – but she did embrace it – and how she discovers her own humanity while believing in the humanity of others. There’s a mystery here that kept me turning pages, but it’s the bold voice of the main character that will keep this story bouncing around in my head.