That Was A Lot of Food

We took a food tour in Brussels and hit all the highlights. Our lunch started with mussels in a white wine broth. The main courses were a chicken stew with endive, which was in a white sauce with guz beer, and a beef stew cooked in a dark beer. The sides were mashed potatoes and Belgian frites. Our next stop was at a puppet theater turned bar/restaurant where we had Kriek, which is a dry cherry beer. We went to two chocolate shops and ended with a true Belgian waffle.

Old Money

Sometimes I keep money at the end of a foreign trip, rather than spend it all at the airport. Especially if it is a country that I will return to. I went into a bakery upon my arrival in London, but my 5-pound note was rejected. We don’t take that money. It’s too old. When I got money from the ATM, the bills were bigger and had plastic, counterfeit-prevention measures.

Vote for Everyone

An election is coming up in Brussels so there are candidate posters everywhere. The design of all the posters are similar. They feature a headshot of the candidate cropped the same way. Their name appears below the photo in all caps in a similar sans serif font. The only difference is the swath of color at the bottom, which may indicate their party affiliation.

No Obligation

As my Uber driver offered to put my suitcase in the trunk, he said, no obligation. I’m not sure what he meant. Was he saying that I didn’t need to tip him because he put my bag in the trunk? No idea. He said nothing else on the ride that implied he was providing anything beyond the basic service. Once you’re in an Uber, there are no levels of service. It’s not as if the driver is upselling you for a deluxe service level including champagne wishes and caviar dreams. And most people don’t tip Uber drivers regardless of what they do. But when we arrived at the airport, he got out of the car, opened the trunk and said no obligation again as he removed my bag.