As I’m heading off for another adventure, I’m wearing a shirt from a past adventure. I had conversations about it with my Uber driver, the cashier at the airport snack shop and one of the flight attendants. The woman at the snack shop asked if I post pictures of my travels on Facebook. I said more likely Instagram. She asked for my profile so she could follow me. I wrote it down for her.

Don’t Text and Read Billboards

I have always wondered about the success of calls-to-action on billboards. These are things like phone numbers or long web addresses. The headlines and big pictures barely make an impact at 70 miles an hour. What are we supposed to do with a request to text our pizza order when it appears on a billboard? It’s hard enough to capture the phone number from the billboard, but it is also illegal in many places to text and drive. And where do we have the pizza delivered?

A Name Like Any Other

I received an email reminding me of an upcoming doctor’s appointment that was addressed “Dear Ms/Mr Cohen.” I am one person who is male. I can be addressed as Mr. The email continued, “A member of your household has an appointment with Dr …” I am the only person who lives in my household. I have been seeing this doctor for many years. They should know who I am, who lives in my household and what my name is. The email claims that it was designed to protect my privacy. It comes across as ridiculous and that they don’t know who I am. It does not inspire confidence.

Passive-Aggressive Parking Monitor

I parked my car on a residential street to go to a pizza place and my car was partially blocking a driveway. A car could still get in relatively easy. It didn’t seem like a big deal. When I came out after dinner, the following note was written on my windows in window paint. “Thank you for not parking in front of driveways.” Really? You’re going to write on someone’s car? Every time someone blocks your driveway? This is not a great way to get your message across.

What’s Really Inside?

When I see a potato chip truck or a donut truck driving down the road, I do not picture boxes, bags or racks of food loaded in the truck for easy delivery and stacking on shelves. I imagine that every square inch of the truck is packed full with loose donuts or chips. So when I saw the Icee truck, I didn’t really know what was inside. If the ice and the syrup are combined in the machine before serving, then the truck is just full of red and blue syrup.