Who Wore It Best?

Have you every walked into a retail store and suddenly realized that you have the same outfit on as the employees? As khaki pants and a blue shirt are a common store uniform, it seems like you should familiarize yourself with the store layout before coming through the door. Someone is bound to ask you where something is. This is less likely to happen with online stores.

We Never Believe Time Travelers

A man in Casper, Wyoming was arrested for public intoxication. He claimed to be from the future. From the year 2048. He came back to warn us about a coming alien invasion. And apparently a requirement for time travel was that his body be filled with alcohol. The invasion is coming in 2018, which was the year he meant to travel back to. If he really were from the future, what would it take for us to believe him?

Sample What?

The grocery store has these little plastic serving stands that offer free samples. These are mostly located in the produce and deli areas. These were probably created more than 10 years ago when tastes were a little different. Before some of the samples are put in, a layer of garnish is put down. The problem now is that when the samples run out, it looks like the store is encouraging customers to try some kale.

A Smaller Drink

In a time when drinks just keep getting bigger and bigger, I saw a billboard advertising an 8.55 ounce bottle of Coke. I don’t understand this size at all. Either generally or specifically. Soft drinks have been struggling in the US as people try to adopt healthy habits. Does a smaller Coke speak to this trend? It definitely goes in the opposite direction of the popular 20 ounce Cokes. And where does 8.55 ounces come from?

The Side of the Road

I’m no longer surprised by the things that I see on the side of the road. These are both the close up view I get while running as well as the things that stand out as I speed past on the highway. But sometimes something just stands out as being so incongruous with the normal of detritus that want to know more. I write the story in my head of how it got there. Today it was an inflatable pink flamingo ring to keep a kid floating in the pool.

Pancakes and Chill

I saw an IHOP billboard that said pancakes and chill and the first thing that occurred to me was the phrase Netflix and chill. While many regular people think of this as a quiet night in watching the streaming service, it originated as a reference to an intimate evening in where little attention is paid to what’s on the tv. The sensual nature of pancakes, syrup and that kind of chilling is certainly something worth considering, but not at a pancake house. That type of chilling is better at home.

Do Renovations Drive Foot Traffic?

Every few years the local shopping centers, or strip malls, renovate the facades and give the stores new signs. I don’t know much about commercial real estate, so I don’t know if the retailers have any say in this or are required to pay for it. I expect that it is paid for by the landlord to bring some excitement – and foot traffic – to the stores. I can’t imagine that the inconvenience of construction and what is essentially a new coat of paint changes how consumers think of these stores.