A Dog Birthday Party

Today Adriana’s dog Cosmo turned 9. He had a birthday party at the dog park. Cosmo dressed up for the occasion and wore a tie. The invited guests were mostly well-behaved. The uninvited ones were the ones we needed to worry about. A French bulldog was especially enamored of a stuffed, plush cake. He chased it. He tossed it in the air. He even tried to bury it in the dirt for later. Birthday parties in public places are always a challenge.

Nice Brand You Got There

The generic brand of food products sold at Walgreen’s drug stores is called Nice. Not just Nice. But Nice! The exclamation point changes this from the being a middle Of the road, almost offhand comment about the product’s quality to an on-trend, millennial slang term for awesome. I guess drug store snacks are one more thing ruined by millennials.

The First Day of School

I went to bed early and I woke up early. I saw several school buses on my morning run. But this first day of school has little meaning to me. My son is in college and his classes started last week. My daughter is a senior in high school, but I had no part in getting her to school today. She was at her mom’s house and she drives herself to school. This is more just a sign that summer is ending and the calendar is moving on.

Cemetery Gates

Notice: No person may engage in recreational activities in any cemetery. For purpose of this subsection, recreational activities shall include, but not limited to, the throwing of balls or frisbees, playing of games, engaging in sport activities, running or jogging, picnicking, allowing dogs, cats or other animals to run at large and any activities inconsistent with the use of a cemetery as a cemetery.

Heavy Traffic Due to Darkness

Traffic alert signs that hang on the highway in North Carolina alerted drivers to the possibility of heavy traffic due to the upcoming eclipse. These signs are 150 – 200 miles away from the zone of totality. The media couldn’t seem to make up its mind whether this was the event of a lifetime – albeit only 2 minutes worth – or something to avoided like the plague. The NCDOT just warned people about the traffic.

Dazzling Comment

As I’ve been publishing these daily posts, my awareness by spammers has increased. The quality of spam also increases, to trick bloggers into approving their comments. The following is good example of this: “You’ve dazzled me yet again with this top notch article of yours.” When I approve the comment, it includes a link to an unsavory site, which drives traffic for them. I publish their insincere comment here, but I never approve their comment spam.

Limited Edition Lunch

There are over 100 varieties of Lean Cuisine meals. Over the years I have eaten a lot of them. Today’s selection carried a Limited Edition banner across the box. What makes this limited edition? I understand that they will only make it for a short time and discontinue it, but it’s not that different from everything else. Will someone really choose this frozen meal over another one when they are the same price and it just has some different ingredients. They are really all the same to me, but I did eat it a little quicker because I was afraid it would disappear.