State Your Decision

The lack of federal response to the coronavirus outbreak has me thinking about states’ right. Many people think that our country is too big and too different that it just isn’t possible for the federal government to mandate how everything works at the local level.

The real reason is actually embedded in the founding of the United States. States had been given power over lots of decisions because the founders did not want the federal government to become too powerful. This was one of many decisions made in response to being ruled by a monarch.

One example of this is the management of road, even the interstates that run through states. When traveling from state to state, the design of the roads change. The material of the roadbed changes. Even the signs changes.

Green highway signs all look the same, but there are subtle font differences across states. Illinois, which has a vested interested in distinguishing between capital I and small L, uses an L on their highway signs with a slight curve on the bottom to no confuse it with an I. This improved readability does not exist in other states, as the small L does not have a curve.


My neighbor two doors down drives a brown pickup truck. It is not a normal-sized truck, but one that requires stepping up on a running board to get in. There is often mud splashed on the side of the truck. The front license plate has a North Carolina flag with the don’t tread on me snake.

He takes his giant cowboy boots off outside and leaves them on the porch overnight. This is to keep the mud out of the house, but airing them out in the fresh air is a side benefit. An American flag hangs off a pole on the side of his house and gently flaps in the hot summer breeze.

I wave to him in a neighborly way, but I have never stopped to say hello or introduce myself. I don’t even know what we would talk about.

The Fan Turns

The fan blades are angled. If the fan spins in one direction the warm air pushes down from ceiling. It sucks it up in the other direction. I do not know which direction does what. I have always been lacking in spatial conception.

There is a switch that changes the direction of the blades. I’ve never known anyone who has flipped that switch.

Orange-Haired Zombie Dream

I had a dream that I had killed our orange-haired leader. I had dragged him to another room, and I was convinced that he was dead. I made the same mistake that movie characters make in this situation and I did not chop him up into tiny pieces to ensure that he was dead. I left the room and when I returned he was gone. I woke up from this dream very distressed that I did not destroy the body and I was unable to get back to sleep.