The Owner is No Longer In Charge

I pay attention to details in neighborhoods I frequently, especially real estate signs. I notice when a house in my neighborhood or one nearby goes up for sale. I often look up the listing online to learn more about the house. And to watch how prices are trending in my future comparables. If you’ve ever sold a house, the price is largely driven by what nearby houses have sold for. Anyway, a house was put up for sale by owner. The owner was hopeful that they could save the 3% seller’s agent commission and handle the work themselves. Less than a week later the sign was replaced with one from a real estate firm. Usually that means they realized that the 3% is totally worth it for someone else to do the work.

What Century Indeed

My daughter and I went to a restaurant that didn’t take credit cards. She asked what century they were living in? It turns out there’s an ATM in the lobby – which charges a $2.50 fee for every transaction – and it’s owned by the restaurant. So instead of paying up to 3% of a check amount to the credit card company, they are earning $2.50 on every cash withdrawal and inconveniencing their customers. And the food wasn’t that great either.

The Other Side of the Camera

There are pictures from my life that have iconic status. They are especially cute pictures of my kids that I might have framed or posted online. Or there are pictures of me that are particularly memorable. I always wonder what the other side of the picture looks like. Who took it and what was the circumstance? There’s a famous picture of Ansel Adams standing on the roof of his car taking a photo with a large format camera. It would be interesting to see a similar shot of what was going on behind some of the snapshots of my life.

The Smell of Running

As the weather has heated up, the smell of other runners has not really changed. When you pass someone on the trail you don’t smell their exertion. You are more likely to smell their laundry detergent. As runners heat up and sweat, the temperature and the evaporation help carry the scent into the air. Only the people walking smell of cologne or perfume. Runners are less concerned with such things.