Something About the Time Change

It was nice to get an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning, but with my flexible schedule I can usually wake up any time I want on a Sunday. Normally I wake up some time during the night. I happened to wake up at 3am. I looked at the clock, realized it was 2am, rolled over and went back to sleep. I thought it was the exact moment of “falling back,” but that is 2am when it becomes 1am.

The Promise of a New Month

The app I use to track my runs shows me how many miles I have run in a month. This past month I ran the most miles I have run in a month this year. It was 124. I know. That’s a lot of miles. I had plenty of reasons to focus on running in October, so I ran. Anyway, the app shows me two months at a time. So once the months change, last month has this super high number of miles and the current month has almost nothing. Rather than look at this as a negative, it really is a positive. It shows the promise of a new month and that it is filled with possibilities.

The Aliens Moved My Car

Lately it seems like whenever I pull into a parking spot I think I have parked relatively straight in the spot. When I get out of the car, I’m not struck by anything off about my parking job. But when I come out of the store or a restaurant and I look at my car, all I can think is that aliens must have moved my car when I was inside because there’s no way I parked that crooked.

Holidays Run Together

As holidays become more and more commercial – which really means that retail stores must sell more stuff for each holiday than they did last year – there is no break between them. Even though it is just about Halloween, I started seeing Christmas things about a month ago. It is all too much, especially for someone who doesn’t decorate or celebrate any of these.

Still Famous After All These Years

I got the following connection request on LinkedIn. The person is based in Italy, one of countries where a translated version of my book was released.

I asked you to connect because I just started a new marketing experience for a new company in a new sector. Quite challenging, but very exciting too. My boss just gave me a gift: your book. I was so pleased! So this is where I want to start from, learning from you.