Running in Airports

My connection was delayed through Charlotte and I was forced to run through the airport. I had to get from the end of one concourse to the end of the next concourse. I was meeting colleagues on the plane and they told me I had 7 minutes to make the run. Luckily all the running I do had prepared me for it. It was also helpful that the shoes I wear are really running shoes. Never would’ve made it wearing my boots.

I’ve never played football, but I know what a running back must feel as they surge forward and scan the field for the next hole to run through. In my case though, when people saw me barreling towards them – dragging a rolling suitcase – they got out of my way. If this were football, they would be trying to tackle me. Never would’ve made my flight in that scenario.

It Doesn’t Count If It’s Digital

I’m continuing to de-clutter my house and get rid of things I don’t need. I’ve become less sentimental about physical things. But digital things? That’s a different story. I collect contacts. I don’t delete pictures. And I take a lot of pictures. I used to collect MP3s of songs. I have exponentially more MP3s than I have cassettes. And I still have those cassettes.

Portmanteau Like A Boss

A portmanteau is a combination of two words, making a new word. Here’s a list of examples. Many have become so ubiquitous that we don’t even realize that they are portmanteaus. Brunch is one such example. And unsurprisingly, neither linner nor dunch ever caught on. A fun game is to make these up as you go through your day. And you can even use portmanteau as a verb to describe the process of making one. Because that’s how the English rolls these days.

Printable Tweets

I was looking for some stats about the growth of print in content marketing – something that is happening – and I came across a list of tweetable truths about magazines. This was published by an organization that promotes magazines. This demonstrates that those publishing offline content still don’t get online. Each of the statements may be under 140 characters and have hashtags, but they fall short in several basic ways. They don’t include the organization’s Twitter handle, which would help them grow their following. They do not include a link to properly source the data that is cited. And finally, this is a printable PDF and does not have any live links. These would let a reader actually tweet these tweetable truths.

“Alternative” Uses of Quotation Marks

I saw a sign where one phrase had inappropriate quotation marks, but I didn’t remember which one after walking by. Before going back, I offered up these options:

“all natural” Bavarian roasted nuts – not really all natural
all natural “Bavarian” roasted nuts – not really Bavarian
all natural Bavarian “roasted” nuts – not really roasted
all natural Bavarian roasted “nuts” – not really nuts

It turns out that they were not really Bavarian.


I keep a list of ideas for these daily posts in Evernote. I have one note file that I created last fall when I started writing these posts. I add ideas when they occur to me and I check them off after I write the post. I don’t always use every idea and sometimes there’s a long lag time between the idea itself and the post. Sometimes that means I have no recall what the post idea was. Today is an example of one of those ideas. I have no idea what I was thinking when I added the idea “Tuesdays.”

More Than 15 Minutes of Fame?

My very helpful girlfriend and I were going through boxes of my old stuff, and she was helping to determine what is worth keeping and what I should get rid of. One particular box had high school newspapers, theater programs, literary magazines and more. At this point in my life I’m not really sure what is worth keeping. Who is really interested in reading the musings of an arrogant high school agitator? At the time I packed this box – with newspaper stuffing from 1985 – I thought I was keeping everything for my biographer. My girlfriend used to do the same thing, but she has already been through some of her childhood boxes. How famous did I think I was going to be? she asked herself.