Attractive Weight

I have lost a bit of weight recently. It was mostly through eating less, as well as running every day, but it’s mostly about the eating. It was dating weight that I lost. You know, the weight you gain when you are seeing someone and going out to eat and having drinks and doing all those social things that make the pounds creep up. I was running most days because I like running, but I wasn’t really able to mention that I was gaining weight. My ex-girlfriend would encourage me to eat another doughnut – my weakness – because that extra weight would make me less attractive to other women. This was mostly a joke, but not entirely.

Very Brown Shoes

There is a category of shoes call brown shoes. These are not dress shoes, but low-top hiking boots that are not very technical. Many people wear these as their casual knock-about shoes. One of the pairs that I have I also use as low impact hiking shoes. These are the primary shoes I wore in Belize. I climbed waterfalls in them. I waded in rivers in them. I visited Mayan ruins in them. And I wore them on a very muddy jungle hike on my last full day of adventure. Nothing dried in the jungle so I packed my wet, muddy shoes in a plastic bag inside a dry sack in my luggage. Before I could clean them, they needed to dry. A few days near the heat vent in my kitchen did the trick. I haven’t had a chance to clean the dried mud off them yet, but they are now very brown, brown shoes.

Golden Delicious Apples

As a child my favorite type of apple was a bright yellow, golden delicious apple. And it was the 1970s when there was limited apple variety. The choices were basically red or green, but you would occasionally be rewarded by discovering a yellow apple in the fruit bowl. That first bite would be an explosion of sugar in your mouth. That was one reason that I liked them, but they were also more likely to be crisper than a standard red delicious apple.

Smiling is Cultural

The head waiter at the Jungle Lodge I stayed at in Belize was a great guy. Super friendly with all the guests and had a great sense of humor. He truly enjoyed spending time with the group of us that hung out at the bar until closing time. He’s a Hispanic guy in his 20s. We connected on Facebook and I barely recognize him in the pictures he posts. He is a proud father and poses often with his infant son. But he never smiles. He is projecting that “hard look” that must be expected by others. And this is so disconcerting for me because it’s so contrary to his personality. He is one of the people who really made my stay at the Lodge a special time.

Dreaming of the Old West

I had a dream that I was in an Old West simulation. It was a real western town where people shot real bullets at you. And yes, people died.

It was like a Twilight Zone episode where you are suddenly in a place with no prelude or understanding how you got there, but your life depends on you quickly learning the rules. Rule number one was to stay down so you don’t get shot.

I woke up stressed out in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep for over an hour.

Slipping on the Ice

I went running on a snowy and icy trail. As the weather is warming up there are patches of pavement showing through. This is more dangerous than the snow itself. You can’t help but run slowly on the snow, but the pavement teases you and encourages you to pick up the pace. I was on my way back of an out and back run – with less than three-quarters of a mile to go – and I cross a road. It was pretty dry and I turned right back on the trail. It appeared to be pavement. My feet slide out from under me as I hit a patch of black ice. I went down hard. The couple of people who saw me asked me if I was all right. I was. It turned out to only be a couple of scrapes, but the impact hurt. I walked the rest of the way back to my car just to make sure everything was okay.

One Banana

How does a single banana wind up on the side of the road. Not a banana peel and not the inside fruit, but a whole, unpeeled banana. Did a kid throw it out the window in protest? Did someone set it on the roof of the car and forget about it? Or did it just fall out of someone’s hand and out the window before they could even peel it? These are the questions that weigh heavily on my mind. It helps to keep the larger questions at bay.

Dystopian Present

We always talk about the dystopian future, but what do you call it when you are living through it? The day that Skynet becomes sentient and takes over is the beginning of the Dystopian Present. In fact, according to the definition – “an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one” – we could be living through it right now.