Every Word Chosen with Care

There is a preciseness to language – whether written or spoken – that most people ignore. There really are better words that convey the exact meaning that is on your mind. Sometimes you need to choose words carefully to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, but that not what I’m thinking about. Every word is a choice and the right words should be chosen with care.

Art Teacher Returns

I received an email with the above subject line. One of my daughter’s teachers took a leave of absence toward the end of the semester, so not only did the school have to deal with a substitute teacher, but also grading assignments and finalizing grades for the semester. Parents got so many emails about this that it really seemed to escalate the situation to something huge. It was just grading for one class. But when I read the subject line of this final email announcing her return, it made it sound like she had returned from a quest to Modor and had finally defeated evil.


I get dinner at the Whole Foods hot bar at least once a week. Lots of variety of healthy food is the draw for me. I know that I can get salad, but I don’t usually for dinner. The mac-n-cheese is popular when they have it, but I don’t often get it. I’m more interested in something green and veggie-like for my sides. On a visit I couldn’t find any veggies to choose. But they had FIVE kinds of mac-n-cheese. Is this what happens to Whole Foods when they incorporate the customer data approach of Amazon?

The Rays of the Sun

As the sun rises it illuminates the fog. The sun is still below the trees and the shadows of branches break the light into rays just like in a child’s drawing. These are moments of the beauty of nature that are to be savored. The sun comes up every morning and we really do take it for granted. But a true cinematic display like this reminds me to be thankful that I am lucky enough to see it today and every day.