Not My Home for the Holidays

There was a time that college kids and even grown kids returned to their childhood home for the holidays. We are a more transient society now where families not only don’t stay in the same house, but may not even stay in the same part of the country. This affects the passing down of holiday traditions to the next generation. And as more adults don’t go home for the holidays, they are starting their own traditions.

Another Christmas, Another Trip

Rather than spend all day wondering which Chinese or Mexican restaurant I plan to eat dinner at, I’ve started traveling on Christmas. Why be home alone when I can be alone some place awesome? If your day is not what you expected – unless you’re a kid and you didn’t get the right Star Wars toy – start planning now for next year. Holiday travel is great tradition when you are no longer part of a family tradition.

The Motivation of OCD

I don’t really have OCD, but I certainly have some tendencies that relate to ordering things and completeness. The running app I use to track my runs shows weekly progress as a stack of blocks with one new block each day I run. There are ten stacks visible at all times. I have been running every day for the past few months. It has been easy because I don’t have to think about whether I run each morning or not. I just get up and do it. The app helps provide additional motivation because I enjoy seeing all ten stacks of blocks complete with seven runs each week. I just accomplished that for the second time. That’s 70 straight days of running every day. Of course it is good for my health, but those stacks of blocks look really great.

Digital Hanukkah

This year I partook in a yearly tradition of connecting with a friend by video chat while she and her young son light the Hanukkah candles. We started this a few years ago because she didn’t know the prayers and she wanted someone to say them. This year it seemed like he was getting familiar with them because he was repeating the Hebrew words after me.

Know What You Are Buying

If you have been near a television, radio or computer in the past few months you have heard someone mention bitcoin, the digital currency. It’s been in the news lately because its value has soared. And remember that the value of most everything is not intrinsic. It is what someone will pay for it. A man in NY took advantage of that, combined with the fact that most people know nothing about bitcoin, including what this digital currency looks like. He made a million dollars selling bitcoins, but he was really selling them Chuck E Cheese tokens.

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Every marketer tries to tie their emails to holidays, seasons, current events or other things that are going on in the world of their customers and prospects. Those hooks are the things that make you open an email. One social platform went with an approach that was a bit too tenuous. Santa knows that you’ve been good this year so they are giving you lots of new product features. Wow. Does that mean if we were naughty then their platform would not have been updated? Or would they just not have told us?