Choosing Pictures

I take a lot of pictures with my phone. It is even easier than taking lots of pictures with a digital camera. Most of them I never post, because that’s not the point. Sometimes I’m taking the picture to keep a record of something. But when I do think about sharing a picture – which is usually when I’m traveling – I have a notion in my head what I want to share.

I start going through pictures and realize that my initial thought is wrong. Sometimes that picture I wanted to share just isn’t that good. But sometimes it is just too obvious. I don’t want to show that I’ve been to a place. That’s check mark photography, which goes along with check mark travel. I would rather share a more interesting picture. One that doesn’t look like every other picture of the same place.

Snow-covered Decisions

I knew snow was coming. It was likely going to be a lot of snow. That meant I would not be able to leave my house for two days. I went to the store twice that day before the snow hit. It didn’t know what to buy. I had plenty of food, but I was having trouble planning for a lack of electricity. As soon as the power went out, I knew.

I have lots of candles – and not just Hanukkah candles – but I don’t have a flashlight. I often use the one on my phone, but that is not a good use of my phone battery in an emergency. I have lots of bread and peanut butter, but not a lot of jelly. And I can make oatmeal on my gas stove, but I’m running low on honey.

Tiring of Big Pumpkin

I’m not sure when bagels became an emergency food, but maybe it’s just a bread alternative that sits on a shelf near the bread. Before our latest snow storm hit, the grocery store was out of bread. And most kinds of bagels. But stacked up on an otherwise empty shelf were pumpkin spice bagels. Lots of them. Even at a two for one price during a snow storm no one wanted them.

Business Smiles

Whenever I look at any website that showcases the executive team or their employees, my first question is why are these people so unhappy? It seems like everyone follows the same rule that says if we are good at our serious and important job, we must look serious and important. And people like that don’t smile. This is only slightly better than the people who are forced to smile and they looked even more uncomfortable. If I am going to work with you, I want you to have a sense of humor and a personality. A friendly smile is a simple way to show that.

I used to only have serious-looking photos, but that’s because I looked uncomfortable – or worse, fake – when I smile. Seems ridiculous, but I worked on it. And if you have your picture taken by a professional photographer, just let them know you want to have a natural smile and they can help.

Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Even though the road outside my neighborhood was recently re-paved, they are cutting out big chunks and paving them again. The equipment was parked on my street overnight. I was intrigued by the steamroller. There is something about the design of the roller that is interesting to me. It might be the simple combination of the weight and a round, smooth surface.

GPS is Making Us Lose Our Sense of Direction

I often follow the blue dot on the map app on my phone. This means I don’t pay attention to my surroundings. I don’t learn my way around new cities. Especially cities, because the map does not update quickly enough when I start moving. I can’t even learn which way to go since I’m mostly walking in circles. Maybe I can learn the circuitous route to every place I want to go.