Precious Directions

I’m always bothered by directions on packaged foods, but even more so by microwaveable meals. I admit that I eat too many of them, but it is easier than leftovers. Today’s entry in the “Directionally Challenged Hall of Fame”: For best vegetable quality, please remove lid entirely and cover with a paper towel while microwaving. Aren’t they required to include a paper towel if they suggest it?

Connection Between Life and Death

I saw four deer grazing on the front lawn of a local elementary just after dusk. Their silhouettes stood out against the darkening sky. The next day on the way to work I saw three dead deer on the side of the road. These were separate incidents along the highway across my hour long commute. I’m sure they were not the same deer, but I can’t help but think these sightings were related.

Be a Mermaid in Your Own Home

This new innovation from the makers of the Snuggie defies understanding. The original Snuggie was a blanket with sleeves – not to be confused with the Slanket – but their new product is called Snuggie Tails. They are available for adults and kids and they let you sit on the couch wearing a blanket as a tail. It is designed with a “sleek satin mermaid tail” with aqua glitter. And it fits most adults. The best part is the description on the box. “Perfect for reading a book, watching a movie, texting and more!” Oh wait, before I can respond to your text I need to put on my mermaid tail.

The Air Crackles with Light

Well before sunrise it is completely dark. The stars are out and there is no light in the east. It is night. Morning seems to come with both a gradualness and a suddenness. Light appears in the sky as the sun is moving towards the start of its day. The light spreads out from that point as it gets closer and closer to the time of sunrise. But there is a change in the air. It is as if every molecule of air is crackling as each lights up gradually. And suddenly, they all get to full brightness at the same time and it is light. And now the sun peaks above the horizon.

Something About the Time Change

It was nice to get an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning, but with my flexible schedule I can usually wake up any time I want on a Sunday. Normally I wake up some time during the night. I happened to wake up at 3am. I looked at the clock, realized it was 2am, rolled over and went back to sleep. I thought it was the exact moment of “falling back,” but that is 2am when it becomes 1am.

The Promise of a New Month

The app I use to track my runs shows me how many miles I have run in a month. This past month I ran the most miles I have run in a month this year. It was 124. I know. That’s a lot of miles. I had plenty of reasons to focus on running in October, so I ran. Anyway, the app shows me two months at a time. So once the months change, last month has this super high number of miles and the current month has almost nothing. Rather than look at this as a negative, it really is a positive. It shows the promise of a new month and that it is filled with possibilities.

The Aliens Moved My Car

Lately it seems like whenever I pull into a parking spot I think I have parked relatively straight in the spot. When I get out of the car, I’m not struck by anything off about my parking job. But when I come out of the store or a restaurant and I look at my car, all I can think is that aliens must have moved my car when I was inside because there’s no way I parked that crooked.