The Trail Run of Life

Today I ran a 10 mile trail run that wove back and forth through the woods in a county park. I didn’t know where I was, where I was going next, or even how far I had to go since there were no mile markers. Since the course wound back and forth among the trees, it wasn’t even possible to know if the other runners in my view were ahead of me of behind me. Seems like life sometimes.

The More You Know

This may seem like an Andy Rooney cranky rant, but I wish the airlines would get their marketing technology straightened out. I just received an email for a flight I’m taking tomorrow and there are two problems with it. The first is that I was able to check in two and a half hours ago. While I have priority status that allows me to board early, they have created a system where the earlier you check in, the better your boarding position. With this in mind, why can’t they figure out how to send an email 24 hours before flight time. This is a piece of static data that is easily managed with most email tools. The second one is a harder problem to solve, but makes them look much worse. Not only was I able to check in two and half hours ago, but I did. I do not need a reminder to check in. Again, this is a piece of data that they should check before the email goes out. Since these are totally different problems, it seems like they should at least solve one of them and then I wouldn’t feel so bad. But messing up both really makes them look amateurish.

The Opposite of Instant Gratification

Our digital tools, especially our smartphones, makes us think we live in a world of instant gratification. Because everything is digital, everything we want, we can get immediately. Streaming music, streaming movies, online books, bingeable tv. But digital photography is different. If you see the picture you take instantly, that is often instant disappointment. The image captured is not what is in your head, so you take another one. And another and another. This drives more disappointment, because you just can’t get it right.

No Digital Strategy? Really?

It is hard to believe that in 2017 a company does not have a viable digital strategy. According to all the surveys and benchmark reports nearly everyone is doing social media and content marketing. And every company has a website, don’t they? I can understand not having an effective strategy, and in fact, that is most likely. But not having anything in place at all is just plain shocking.

Snowy Run

We had about 4-6 inches of snow over Friday night and Saturday morning. The temperature was very cold today so not much snow melted. I had food for a couple of days, but I was getting low on healthy snacks. I wanted to run a little bit and see how the roads were. I also realized that the store is about a mile away, so I decided to run to the store. Since I would have to fit my purchases in a small backpack, I would be limited in my purchases. I came home with mostly unhealthy snacks. I have no illusions about the calories burned on the short run compared to my snacks.

TV Time and Place

I’m watching a show on Netflix that is filled with flashbacks and lots of different locations. It’s a spy thriller that originally ran on TV. It’s very annoying that every time they go to a new location or a new time there’s a title card saying where and when it is. The show follows several interconnected story arcs, so it is pretty obvious where and when the events are taking place. The title cards would be helpful the first time in each episode, but after that they are not necessary. This kind of dumbing down the narrative insults viewers and is not necessary.

The Difference Between Every Day and Nearly Every Day

Every day I wake up and run. This is how I start each and every day. When I travel, I try to plan flights around running before I leave. Sometimes I run when I return. Because this is built into the structure of my day, it is easy to do this every day. It’s just what I do first thing. On those rare occasions when I don’t run first thing, it is unlikely to happen later.

I’ve been doing these daily posts for 2 1/2 months and it doesn’t have the same kind of every day feel. I thought doing them by voice would be easy, but that was the wrong approach. Did it become a habit? Mostly, yes, but if I missed days, I frequently went back and filled in the gaps. It was never for a shortage of ideas. It was more about the lack of structure. For this to truly become an EVERY DAY habit, it needs to be the first thing I do when I sit down at my desk. Like I did today.