Competing Soap Adjectives

There has been much talk about body washes and the shape of bottles lately, but I’m more interested in the words on the bottles. Two different flavors of body wash from the same brand list their scents as refreshing and relaxing. This is soap. To wash your body. It’s not tea. Are they asking us to buy two bottles of soap? A refreshing one for the morning and a relaxing one for the evening? Does the scent of your soap really influence your mood?

The Inefficiency of Plastic Bags

My first job was as supermarket bag boy. I was properly trained – by video and in person – in the packing of grocery bags. These were paper bags with a defined rectangular footprint. I learned how to pack by both shape and weight. This was before the days of plastic bags. Not only do plastic bags have no structure, but they have no rules for packing. I had enough groceries that they fit in a hand-carried basket. It all would’ve fit in one properly packed paper bag. I walked out of the store with five plastic grocery bags.

Mixed Messages

I saw a Honda Accord with a confederate flag license plate. I don’t know how much to read into this, besides just commenting on the incongruousness of it. Supporters of the “War of Northern Aggression,” as it is often referred to in the South, are more likely to drive pick-up trucks or big American gas guzzlers. A furrin car that gets good gas mileage just doesn’t seem to fit.

The Business of Working

As a partially remote employee, I usually work from home. Today I found myself out and about due to some car repair issues and I had an afternoon call with a client. I thought that Seattle’s famous coffeeshop would be a good place to take the call. They have free wifi, so I could be online before the call and make sure there was nothing else going on that I needed to deal with. I was not surprised by the volume of talking, but the music was really loud. Good thing my colleague was also on the phone because I had to be on mute. Do people still work in coffeeshops, or only if they don’t have to be on any calls?

Don’t Ask What’s in It

I was in Philadelphia and met my former colleague, Steve, for lunch. I mentioned that I had never had scrapple before. This is a longtime Philly classic that may or may not be made from a variety of meat products. Steve ordered a side of scrapple to share. It was two thick slices that had been fried crispy. It was pretty good. Nobody ever really asks what’s in it. And know that I have had it, I’m even less inclined to know. I have not searched for the ingredients online and I ask you to do the same.

Disco Highway

While I was driving home from the airport I noticed something glittering on the side of the highway. It was nighttime and my headlights caught it just right as I drove by. It was a large pile of broken glass that just went on and on. There are accidents along this stretch of the highway every day. But this was a lot of glass. The way the light reflected off of it reminded me of a disco ball.

Old Furniture is Better Than an Onion

To borrow an analogy from a cartoon donkey, an onion is the most obvious thing that has layers. But when thinking about how to describe a person, a piece of furniture that has been re-finished or re-painted multiple times is more apt. Each of the layers have been deliberated added to cover up what was visible before. And it is an arduous process to remove the layers and get to what lies underneath.

Just Going Through Life Like a Cartoon Bear

What’s the first thing you think of when I say Cartoon Bear? Maybe Yogi Bear, or some other simple-minded creature, ambling through the forest without a care in the world. Yogi may be on a mission to find a picnic basket, but he is really living in the moment and trying to fulfill basic desires. I described myself this way, as a Cartoon Bear, to indicate that I am trying to live in the present and don’t have much interest in dwelling in the past.