What Comes in Over the Transom

I recently used the expression “come in over the transom” to describe the random arrival of blog post submissions. I was talking to someone who had no idea what a transom was. It is a flip in section above a door to let air in without opening the door. My college dorm had transoms. And apparently my voice carried in just a certain way so that when I talked in the hallway it came over the transom.

Incidents and Accidents

It was a rainy morning today and I had to drive to Raleigh to record a podcast. I didn’t need to leave until well after rush hour, but I looked at the map to see how long it would take me while there was still a lot of traffic. The map showed 3 incidents and 3 accidents. I can find many explanations about the difference between these two words, however in a traffic context, it seems to mainly refer to the severity.

Someone Call a Doctor

I was looking at buying a new hiking pack and one of the manufacturers has a sizing chart on their site to determine what size pack you should buy. Makes sense, right? Well, the problem is that I can’t understand where to measure without the assistance of a medical professional. “Measure along the spine between the 7th cervical vertebra and the level of the hip iliac crest.” Good thing I’m friends with a doctor who helped me find my 7th cervical vertebra.

Big Name for Small Business

I’m sitting outside eating lunch, as it is a beautiful Spring, er Winter, day and there is a store across the street called Dry Clean City. I have no idea what that means. I have a mental picture of a futuristic, steampunk-style city with pipes and tubes and steam everywhere. This is the only place where this old-fashioned process gets done. I don’t know how this attracts me to a small, brick storefront.

Details, Details, Details

One of the keys to successful writing is to choose the right details to help tell a story. This is true in both fiction and non-fiction. While I learned this lesson writing short stories, it is even more important in marketing. When you are writing something with a target audience in mind, you definitely need to select the right details for your words to resonate with them.