It Starts with Hello

When traveling in Europe, it is easy to find people who speak English. In Germany it is very easy. In Georgia much less so. Shopkeepers identify your nationality, and therefore your language, by looking at you. They confirm it with a greeting. With me it is always hello. Fellow hikers on the trail in Georgia –
who are never American – also greet our American group with hello.


As I’m heading off for another adventure, I’m wearing a shirt from a past adventure. I had conversations about it with my Uber driver, the cashier at the airport snack shop and one of the flight attendants. The woman at the snack shop asked if I post pictures of my travels on Facebook. I said more likely Instagram. She asked for my profile so she could follow me. I wrote it down for her.

Don’t Text and Read Billboards

I have always wondered about the success of calls-to-action on billboards. These are things like phone numbers or long web addresses. The headlines and big pictures barely make an impact at 70 miles an hour. What are we supposed to do with a request to text our pizza order when it appears on a billboard? It’s hard enough to capture the phone number from the billboard, but it is also illegal in many places to text and drive. And where do we have the pizza delivered?