The Art of Peeling an Orange

When you are getting to know someone special there are always those awkward moments where you discover something that you didn’t quite expect, because it is seemingly contrary to everyone else you know. I asked what I thought was simple question and was surprised at the answer. Do you ever peel an orange and try to get the whole peel off in one piece. No, I’ve never even thought to do that.

A Bright Splash of Yellow

On my drive to work there is a small auto repair shop that stands out from the landscape. The road passes through a mix of residential, commercial and industrial areas, but there is a compact cinder block building that just pops. It is bright yellow. It will be interesting to follow if the paint fades over time, or they repaint regularly enough to always keep it looking bright. I haven’t tried to take a picture because it’s on the side of a busy road, behind a fence and nestled among the trees. It would be hard to capture the way it appears in my mind.

Netflix Across Borders

Netflix has license agreements with TV show and movie producers that varies by country. For example, when you travel to a foreign country and fire up Netflix on a smart phone or laptop, it recognizes your account but displays different content. I have a show that I only watch in Canada. And when I return to the Great White North it knows exactly where I left off. The same is true in the other direction. Last summer I began watching episodes of a show while traveling in Italy. When I returned to the States the show was not yet available here. Now that it is finally available, Netflix knows exactly where I left off.

Your Copy Can’t Be Too Literal

I bought a bag of organic tortilla chips and most of the copy on the bag is as you would expect. It’s friendly, has an informal tone of voice, and really seems to be speaking to the kind of person who would buy organic tortilla chips. These are lime flavor, so they also happen to be quite delicious. But the copy on top of bag, right next to the pre-cut notch to help you open the bag, says “Tear to Eat.” I know that is shorthand for “tear open the bag here, reach in to grab some chips, and eat them,” but their version makes me think the bag is edible too. Crazy? Sure. But it’s a short trip from recyclable to biodegradable to edible.