Branding with Cookies

When you check in to a Doubletree hotel they give you a warm chocolate chip cookie. No matter how healthy of an eating day I have had, I cannot resist a warm chocolate chip cookie. Even though the chain is pushing their “Make it Right” message to ensure 100% satisfaction, the cookie is their branding. It’s on the airport shuttle. It’s in the header of their emails. It really represents the brand and connects the hotel to thoughts of warmth and comfort and home. Not a bad thing for a hotel chain to represent.

What Comes in Over the Transom

I recently used the expression “come in over the transom” to describe the random arrival of blog post submissions. I was talking to someone who had no idea what a transom was. It is a flip in section above a door to let air in without opening the door. My college dorm had transoms. And apparently my voice carried in just a certain way so that when I talked in the hallway it came over the transom.