Old Furniture is Better Than an Onion

To borrow an analogy from a cartoon donkey, an onion is the most obvious thing that has layers. But when thinking about how to describe a person, a piece of furniture that has been re-finished or re-painted multiple times is more apt. Each of the layers have been deliberated added to cover up what was visible before. And it is an arduous process to remove the layers and get to what lies underneath.

Just Going Through Life Like a Cartoon Bear

What’s the first thing you think of when I say Cartoon Bear? Maybe Yogi Bear, or some other simple-minded creature, ambling through the forest without a care in the world. Yogi may be on a mission to find a picnic basket, but he is really living in the moment and trying to fulfill basic desires. I described myself this way, as a Cartoon Bear, to indicate that I am trying to live in the present and don’t have much interest in dwelling in the past.

What if you don’t need awareness?

I have been doing work for some big clients who need content marketing help, but they really don’t need traditional, top of funnel awareness. They still need this type of helpful content that focuses on the audience rather than the brand, but calling it awareness seems to send the wrong message. Everyone already knows who they are. So I’ve renamed this top of funnel stage. In one case I called it attention. In another I called it awakening.

That’s a Lot of Miles

In 2011 I started running on a treadmill at the gym. I was only running a couple of miles a few days a week. I was also running pretty slowly. But this was the beginning of running regularly. It was the beginning of my transition from someone who runs to a runner. That happened years later, but this is where it started. I started using an app called Runkeeper. When you run on a treadmill, you have to enter the miles into the app manually. Later when I started running outside, it tracked the miles by GPS. I have now tracked 4,000 miles of runs with the app. That’s a lot of miles. A lot of running shoes, broken headphones and a lot of sweat.

What’s in Your Pocket?

I was going through security at an airport and the TSA agent was reminding everyone to empty their pockets. She did so by listing all the things that people might have in their pockets. Wallets, keys, cell phones, coins, receipts. I asked her about peanut M&Ms? She said she hasn’t seen that but she’s seen sunflower seeds. And one of the strangest thing to come out of someone’s pocket at security was a set of dentures.