Empty Pocket

I recently cracked my iphone screen and I had a hard time finding an appointment to get it repaired due to excessive recent travel. I took it to the Apple Store today and the repair takes two hours. Of course I can deal with two hours without my phone, but besides my pocket feeling extra empty without the normal weight sitting in there, I couldn’t listen to a podcast in the car, couldn’t text my friend, couldn’t call anyone and couldn’t take a picture. Good thing I know my way back to the store because I can’t navigate without the map on my phone.

Approaches to Audio Fiction Podcasts

I’m currently listening to two fiction podcasts, and both could be described as thrillers. There are different levels of tension, but the plot reveals itself episode by episode. One of them has no theme music, opening or closing credits, or any obvious sponsorship. And if you listen to two episodes back to back, they are pretty seamless. I prefer this immersive approach, especially for story that is about audio, to a full production version with credits, intro and post-show interviews.

Cyber Monday? Really?

Is Cyber Monday really still a thing? This is from the time when internet speeds at work were superior to dial-up at home. That’s no longer true. Everyone has broadband now. And when you look at online sales from this weekend makes you wonder if bosses are really going to look the other way when you shop at work. Also all these sales extend much longer than just a day.

The Universe of Content

Content marketing should be built around a central idea, but it could also be built around a central place or a central person. That is the hub, or the core, of the message. Everything else circles around it. Or every other place points back to it. You can map out your strategy in a visual format that looks like the solar system. But universe of content has a better ring to it, although it is a lousy metaphor.

Dirty or Overly Loved

I never know what I’m going to see along the side of the road. Some of it is good and some is bad. I saw a small stuffed lion today on the way to the airport. My first thought was that this was something that would help soothe a small child on a long flight home. My second thought was to wonder how it got so dirty? Was it from its time on the side of the road or its time in a child’s arms?

Another Black Friday

Black Friday traditions have ebbed and flowed in my family. When my kids were little, we would wake up super early to be first in line at the Nike outlet store at 6am. Young kids were as likely to wear through their sneakers as they were to outgrow them. This was our only stop at the outlet mall near my mom’s place. This year we shopped at Columbia, North Face, J Crew and Chicos. And we got there in the late afternoon after a trip to the beach.

See the World in Black and White

Even with all the advances in digital photography I still shoot with black and white film. My camera of choice is a Holga, so there are no settings and the framing is far from exact. But understanding how the camera sees the world, as just a series of lines, shapes and patterns of light and dark changes how I see the world.