Snowy Run

We had about 4-6 inches of snow over Friday night and Saturday morning. The temperature was very cold today so not much snow melted. I had food for a couple of days, but I was getting low on healthy snacks. I wanted to run a little bit and see how the roads were. I also realized that the store is about a mile away, so I decided to run to the store. Since I would have to fit my purchases in a small backpack, I would be limited in my purchases. I came home with mostly unhealthy snacks. I have no illusions about the calories burned on the short run compared to my snacks.

TV Time and Place

I’m watching a show on Netflix that is filled with flashbacks and lots of different locations. It’s a spy thriller that originally ran on TV. It’s very annoying that every time they go to a new location or a new time there’s a title card saying where and when it is. The show follows several interconnected story arcs, so it is pretty obvious where and when the events are taking place. The title cards would be helpful the first time in each episode, but after that they are not necessary. This kind of dumbing down the narrative insults viewers and is not necessary.

The Difference Between Every Day and Nearly Every Day

Every day I wake up and run. This is how I start each and every day. When I travel, I try to plan flights around running before I leave. Sometimes I run when I return. Because this is built into the structure of my day, it is easy to do this every day. It’s just what I do first thing. On those rare occasions when I don’t run first thing, it is unlikely to happen later.

I’ve been doing these daily posts for 2 1/2 months and it doesn’t have the same kind of every day feel. I thought doing them by voice would be easy, but that was the wrong approach. Did it become a habit? Mostly, yes, but if I missed days, I frequently went back and filled in the gaps. It was never for a shortage of ideas. It was more about the lack of structure. For this to truly become an EVERY DAY habit, it needs to be the first thing I do when I sit down at my desk. Like I did today.

A Clean Slate for Travel

Rather than checking off the final trip on my list of Fall and Winter Trips on my whiteboard, I erased them all. I added one new trip to the top of the list. It’s a work trip to San Francisco. This presents a year full of promise and unexpected travel. I do have a summer hiking trip planned, but I don’t know how much room to leave on the list. I’ll wait until I see how things are shaping up before writing it down.

Real Customer Service

I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories about people trying to cancel their cable service, or maybe even heard the recording of the calls themselves, which demonstrates how our culture of service has been turned on its head. When I renewed my AAA membership online, it gave me the option to transfer my membership from Indiana to North Carolina. It seemed to work fine. Until I saw the charge from Indiana on my credit card. I called and was told that the transfer does not override the auto-renew function. But they would reverse the charge and I would see it in 3-5 days. No hard sell. No questions. No fees. Just a reverse of a charge that shouldn’t have happened. This is how is should work.

Positively Japanese

I watched a compilation of the best Japanese commercials and I was struck by how upbeat and positive they all are. It seems like every situation in Japan, even some of the Mad Max or monster scenarios are improved by the products being offered. Granted I don’t speak the language, nor even know what some of the products are, but I still got the sense the all the singing and dancing meant something.

Message from the Past

I sent a former colleague a LinkedIn request, but acknowledged that we had not met. He replied with an existential question that if the email constitutes a meeting, I can no longer say we never met. I replied that it should be a grammar problem rather than an existential one. I should have said “We have not met yet.” This way it is true at the beginning of the sentence, and by the end of the sentence we have. That would have been a smoother transition from present to past.

Lack of Seasonal Signals in Street View

Today I arrived in Iceland. Before I left I was looking at Google Street view to see the neighborhood around my hotel. It is a little ways from the downtown core and I wanted to see what the walk would be like. It’s about 30 minutes, which isn’t too bad, except when you remember the season. Street view shows a pleasant daytime view of way. It is currently cold and snowy in Iceland, with only 4 hours of daylight.