Big Name for Small Business

I’m sitting outside eating lunch, as it is a beautiful Spring, er Winter, day and there is a store across the street called Dry Clean City. I have no idea what that means. I have a mental picture of a futuristic, steampunk-style city with pipes and tubes and steam everywhere. This is the only place where this old-fashioned process gets done. I don’t know how this attracts me to a small, brick storefront.

Details, Details, Details

One of the keys to successful writing is to choose the right details to help tell a story. This is true in both fiction and non-fiction. While I learned this lesson writing short stories, it is even more important in marketing. When you are writing something with a target audience in mind, you definitely need to select the right details for your words to resonate with them.

Bubble Umbrellas Are Back

On a recent trip to San Francisco I noticed that those clear umbrellas from the 1970s were everywhere. Rather than being styled like a flat umbrella, they are curved like a bubble. While it is a much more efficient umbrella at keeping you drier, they don’t exist in pocket form. This makes it a potential challenge for city commuters, but hipsters make do.

Is that seat taken?

I often fly at odd times of the day, sometimes to get better connections, but other times to just avoid the crowds. Today I came home from Florida and I had an awful connection. I flew way past North Carolina to Philadelphia and then spent 3 hours in the airport of the city of brotherly love. I killed a lot of time by searching out places to eat, and then eating. But each flight, from Ft Myers to Philly and from Philly to Raleigh were less than a quarter full. One was a big plane and one was a small plane. And the number of seats sold had nothing to do with my bad connection. Each of these individual flights was way undersold. This is something I’m going to pay attention to, because after years of completely full flights I am traveling on more and more planes with lots of empty seats.