How Many Songs Does One Person Need?

In the battle of streaming music services, the number of songs is a key selling point. Does it really matter if one service has a million songs and another service has ten million songs? There are two ways that most people listen to music. They either want to hear a particular song (or songs) or they want to listen a random selection of songs, radio style. In either case, familiarity is more important than quantity. The service that has the most songs seems to be filled with crap and things I’ve never heard of. This causes me to skip a lot songs. That’s definitely a negative to how many songs they have licensed. Using these platforms as a discovery tool is an entirely different activity than listening to music, which again does not succeed based on how many songs are available.

Too Bad Life Isn’t Scripted

Every so often while watching a movie or TV show, I think how different life would be if award-winning script writers could carefully craft the words that tumble out of my mouth. Although it’s not always the words that I have the problem with, it is actually being in the right situation where those words can naturally be used. It is frequently not the right time.

Another Day Another Post

I haven’t been quite able to keep up with these daily posts due to some recent unexpected events that seem to have thrown everyone for a loop. I’m going back and filling in a few days so it will look like I did this every day. The goal was to get to 30 days to prove that it could be done. It has also been said that 30 days are required to form a habit. I have been a little under the weather, causing me to break my real habit of running every morning. Things should be better soon. Oh, and I have been typing more of these lately instead of recording by voice. The voice part was supposed make this easy.

Editing is a Requirement, Not a Luxury

Content marketers get caught up in publishing frequency and meeting deadlines that sometimes the final product is not the best that it can be. Sometimes we publish things that are barely better than rough drafts. Basic proofing is required to fix typos and punctation errors, but about the higher level of writing mechanics? These are the things that an editor provides. How’s the structure? Does it have a point and does it make it strong enough? Are there enough elements that support that point? With so much content available for whatever your buyers are interested in, then you really need to make sure that whatever you publish exceeds a base level of quality.