This South Africa movie sounds very cool and is nominated for a Best Foreign Film Oscar. It opens in limited release on Friday, but not here. I need to try to keep an eye out for it when it opens here. The music feauturing Kwaito music is described as South Africa’s answer to American Hip Hop.

Description from movies.yahoo.com: Set amidst the sprawling Johannesburg township of Soweto — where survival is the primary objective – “Tsotsi” traces six days in the life of a ruthless young gang leader who ends up caring for a baby accidentally kidnapped during a car-jacking.

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Peter Gabriel Hits the Big Time

NEW YORK (Billboard) – Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time” has become the official theme of World Wrestling Entertainment’s upcoming “WrestleMania 22,” nearly 20 years after the song hit the top 10 in the United States.

The tune is heard in TV and online spots for the annual live and pay-per-view extravaganza. The ads began airing earlier this month and will continue through April 2, when “WrestleMania 22” touches down at the Allstate Arena in Chicago.

WWE fans logging on to http://wwe.com/shows/wrestlemania are able to stream “Big Time” — the song and its accompanying video. The site also spotlights Gabriel’s best-of CD (“Hit”) and DVD (“Play”) collections.

Wilco in Chapel Hill

Wilco, the band that I followed in 2004 (literally to Pittsburgh, DC, Charlotte, Chicago and Denver), but have not been very involved with since early 2005 (I even stopped downloading their live shows) is coming to Chapel Hill.

Crank the Wilco machine back up! They are playing at the renovated Memorial Hall on UNC’s campus in the beginning of March. Very cool!

And to think I almost bought tickets yesterday to go to Athens GA later that same week.

The End of the Dark Tower

I finished a story that I began nearly 20 years ago, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. It is the story of an ancient gunslinger on the ultimate quest to save the destruction of the Tower that is the nexus of all creation.

After I was done, Meg asked me what I thought. Well, it actually was a little anti-climactic. My answer was that it is just a book. My grandfather just died and I lost my job, so I didn’t really have much to say about a book. (I did enjoy it though, I just didn’t have any grand pronouncements about it).

Independent Spirit Nominations Announced

Nominations for the major awards for Independent Film were just announced and The Squid and Whale was nominated for 6 awards. I just heard an interview with its director and it sounds like one to see. Good Night, Good Luck and Capote were also nominated. Two more movies I want to see (but probably won’t).

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