These are Not Resolutions, but 5 Ways Marketers Can Improve in 2019

With the change of the calendar, we often focus on making changes in our personal lives to improve ourselves. Many of us need this type of reset to begin eating healthier, exercising, and even reading more books. But visit your local gym on February 1 and you find that not many people have really developed consistent new habits.

Marketers are constantly in review mode throughout the year as they measure the success of campaigns, as well as reporting on weekly, monthly, and quarterly metrics. So the question is what can successful marketers do that can improve their results in 2019? I’m not a fan of resolutions, because they rarely change behavior, but there are several things for marketers to consider in the new year. Continue reading “These are Not Resolutions, but 5 Ways Marketers Can Improve in 2019”

It’s Time for Retail Brands to Get Personal with Consumers

Large retail brands want to build relationships with their customers. Once a customer makes a single purchase, it is easier and less costly to keep that customer than it is to try to entice a new customer to buy something.

I recently purchased new running shoes from a small, local retailer and there are some lessons about the experience that apply to all retailers, both on and offline. This is especially relevant to large brands who want to get personal with their customers so they feel more like small brands. Continue reading “It’s Time for Retail Brands to Get Personal with Consumers”

Predicting Your Next Marketing Move

The following post was written to run on a partner’s predictive marketing blog, but was rejected as not being specific enough. I connected them with someone in product marketing, so they could get a boring, more specific post. Below is my complete post as submitted.

I predict that you will show this blog post to your boss. Periodically, as you are reading, I will interrupt you and see if I’m right.

Sometimes I am too subtle in my writing, and I just did it right there. Let me point it out, just in case you missed it. I started off this post by predicting something that was going to happen. That’s the current state of marketing. We can now use data to not just understand what has happened, but what will happen. In my case, my data is the outline of what I’m going to say. The only thing I know about you so far is that you are reading a predictive marketing blog. Continue reading “Predicting Your Next Marketing Move”

Analysis: Marketing Conferences are Better Than Ice Cream

Some days instead of writing about marketing I want to write about ice cream. Today is one of those days.

I’ve been sitting at my desk daydreaming about Mint Chocolate Chip. I’m not a purist, so I don’t care if it is green or white, but the combination of creamy mint and the crunch of the chocolate has always hit the spot since childhood. I don’t even mind that the chocolate gets stuck in my molars and i have to dig it out. Continue reading “Analysis: Marketing Conferences are Better Than Ice Cream”

The Time is Now for the Future of Modern Marketing

We often think that the future is just over the next hill, but when we asked global marketing experts to predict 2017, it seems like the future is already here.

We all know how important it is to collect and analyze the data—now being generated at a rate of 2.5 quintillion bytes daily—to improve the customer experience. Some of us are doing this now, and we expect to do it better in the future. Continue reading “The Time is Now for the Future of Modern Marketing”

A Look Back at Modern Marketing in 2016

Modern Marketing has come a long way in 2016. More leading brands are using marketing technology to better understand their customers and provide a better customer experience than ever before. Data is part of nearly every marketing conversation. Customer obsession and experience is the main focus. Continue reading “A Look Back at Modern Marketing in 2016”

Marketing Automation Won’t Solve All Your Marketing Problems

Marketers want their jobs to be easy. We don’t expect them to be easy, because other marketers tell us that marketing is hard, but we can hope just the same.

And as the calendar is approaching late December, there is even some thought that we can ask for marketing guidance and simplicity as our collective holiday gift. But, alas, that is not to be. Continue reading “Marketing Automation Won’t Solve All Your Marketing Problems”

Trust These 5 Customer Experience Lessons from Eating Sushi

Customer experience is all about the interactions between customers and brands. These days many brand focus on this experience across online and offline channels, but these are some thoughts on any interaction between a customer and a brand.

Brands stand for something, or they represent something in the minds of consumers, and the result of every experience is how well the brand lived up to those expectations. The more times a brand meets those expectations, or even exceeds them, the more loyal a consumer becomes. Continue reading “Trust These 5 Customer Experience Lessons from Eating Sushi”

These 6 Marketing Automation Statistics Show Where Marketers Really Are

Marketing automation is a core technology that all marketers, especially B2B marketers need to implement to connect with prospects and generate the right leads for their sales team.

The time of scattershot marketing, or even broadcast marketing, is long past. Marketers need to focus on prospects that have a higher likelihood of becoming customers. Continue reading “These 6 Marketing Automation Statistics Show Where Marketers Really Are”