Zombie Brands

There’s a recent piece in Slate.com about marketers’ penchant to resurrect old and dead brands like a horde of zombies:

Last October, few tears were shed when Ford ended production of the Taurus. The unlovely, workhorse sedan had been the company’s best-selling unit for much of the 1990s, mostly because of huge sales to rental-car companies. Shutting down production was a sign that Ford, in the midst of a serious restructuring, was looking to the future. But then in February, Ford announced that it would resume producing a car with the Taurus nameplate in the summer of 2007. continue reading

There has even been a follow-up, a return of the zombie brands article.

Does Anyone Really Fall for This?

For as long as I can remember, Thomas’s English Muffins have touted their “nooks and crannies” as a unique product feature. If you have ever tried store brand English muffins, you know that this really is a product differentiator.

These days we buy the whole wheat variety of Thomas’s Engish Muffins, which are part of the “Hearty Grains” line. The most recent package says “New Look! Same Great Taste.” The additional copy below it reads: “Heartier Nooks & Healthier Crannies.”