Analysis: The Force is Not Strong in Star Wars’ Marketing Automation System

With its record breaking opening last week, it seems like the whole world has seen the new Star Wars movie. But don't worry, this post will not include any movie spoilers. And while it might seem like a lazy blog post that connects Star Wars to marketing automation, this is actually about a real example. Not from the Star Wars universe, but from the marketing department themselves. Continue reading “Analysis: The Force is Not Strong in Star Wars’ Marketing Automation System”

The Future of Modern Marketing As Seen by Global Experts

Now that we have looked back at the past year of Modern Marketing we can look forward and predict the future.

Predicting the future can sometimes be a tricky business. Sometimes we look forward to the far-off vistas that populate the world of science fiction, but other times we feel like that future is already here. Continue reading “The Future of Modern Marketing As Seen by Global Experts”

2015: The Modern Marketing Year in Review

It’s the time of year where we start looking to the future and planning for what comes next in this ever changing world of modern marketing. But before we do that, it is time to look back and take stock of the past year.

You can take your pick of the latest marketing buzzwords or trends when trying to sum up the past year of modern marketing, so we reached out to marketing experts from around the world to get their take on 2015. Continue reading “2015: The Modern Marketing Year in Review”

5 Marketing Lessons Inspired by an Olympic Gold Medal Runner

Marketing is often said to be a marathon, not a sprint. But in honor of Lord Sebastian Coe’s keynote address at Modern Marketing Experience Europe 2015, I would like to split the difference between those two distances.

Lord Coe won four Olympic running medals and broke a dozen world records in middle-distance track events—including three in the space of 41 days. He became the only athlete to take gold at 1500 metres in two successive Olympic Games. Continue reading “5 Marketing Lessons Inspired by an Olympic Gold Medal Runner”

70% of B2B Marketers Want More Quality Leads

The battle between quality and quantity seems to occur over and over in our lives, especially for B2B marketers. Whether we are talking about content, customers, or leads, there it is.

It even happens when we plan out our workday, decide what to eat, and choose where to go on vacation. Do you want to get more done, but not the most important things? Do you want more food, but fewer exquisite experiences? And do you want to return from vacation so tired from seeing so many things, or having had a handful of truly transcendent moments?

Since we are marketers, let’s focus on leads. We will leave the philosophical wrangling of our lives for another time. Continue reading “70% of B2B Marketers Want More Quality Leads”

But Shouldn’t Your Website Copy Be Better?


I came across a website the offers college students in the UK some help preparing their assignments. Apparently college students are under so much pressure that they can’t really be expected to complete their own assignments. There is much less stress in just buying your papers off the internet.

The following copy describes the quality of their writers. I guess they didn’t bother to have their experienced writers create this copy on their website.

Our assignment experts due to several years of their experience are well versed with each step that goes into writing assignments that is why when you order your assignment with us you are guaranteed to get not only a very high quality assignment, but you will also find out that we have worked keeping in mind your slightest and smallest instructions, so that the assignment you receive from us is truly custom.

20 Content Marketing Dos and Don’ts

Content marketing is on everyone’s mind and on every conference speaker’s lips. I recently attended the Direct Marketers Association conference, where thousands of marketers who cut their teeth on direct mail and printing were trying to get up to speed on the latest approaches to digital marketing. Content marketing is part of that. Continue reading “20 Content Marketing Dos and Don’ts”

Generate More Leads By Literally Running with Your Prospects

The sponsorship possibilities at most conferences are endless. Keynotes are sponsored. Lunch is sponsored. Of course all of the cocktail receptions are sponsored. But what if you could sponsor an event that shows you care about your customers.

Not just pretend to care about them, but really care about them. Continue reading “Generate More Leads By Literally Running with Your Prospects”

How to Define The Content Marketing Metrics that Matter

Create more content. Create better content. Create visual content. Create content that is so good your customers would pay for it. Do a better job distributing your content. These are the common refrains heard at every marketing conference and around the table in any marketing department that has adopted a content strategy. No matter whose voice is the loudest, when it comes down to it, you need to measure what really matters to determine your success. Continue reading “How to Define The Content Marketing Metrics that Matter”

10 Ways You Know You Are a Content Marketer Returning from CM World

1. No matter how many times people tell you it's quality over quantity, you start to quiver if you haven't published a wrap up post after an event.

2. Every meal you eat out is evaluated for its Instagrammability.

3. You hear Ann Handley's voice echoing in your head every time you write a headline.

4. You dream of Joe Pulizzi's orange suits.

5. You're really happy that Jay Baer shared his Mom Test filter, but it makes you want to call your mom.

6. You listen to every conversation as if it's a potential piece of content and when someone starts telling a story, sometimes you stop them so you can capture the whole thing on video with your phone.

7. You are not a discontented marketer, so long as you are documenting your strategy.

8. You divide the contents of your conference swag bag into content marketing and product marketing, and immediately recycle the product stuff.

9. You pay more attention to your surroundings than your family and friends do, because you are constantly looking for things to blog about.

10. Every time you create a list of 10 things you think about Spinal Tap and wonder if the list should go to 11.

This post originally appeared on the Modern Marketing Blog.