New Hope Waterfowl Waterway

New Hope Waterfowl Area

Yesterday I went to the Durham side of the New Hope Waterfowl Waterway. These are areas that were created to maintain bird habitats by adjusting water flood levels. When I got there the sky was pretty overcast, but the clouds moved out as I was shooting, so I got some great blue skies. I also got some great reflections.

Here’s a link to the rest of the photos on Flickr.

Thoughts and Images of Back to School

Earlier this week, kids everywhere went back to school. In our area, Monday was the first day of school. I took pictures of my kids on Sunday, just to document them at the beginning of 3rd and 5th grade. There are certain moments that just require documenting, and back to school is one of them. I even saw a dad with a video camera on a tripod walking away from a local elementary school on the the first day of school. A tripod seems a bit much. I posted on Twitter that handheld video was probably okay for junior’s first day of kindergarten.

When I realized that many others were also documenting their kids on the first day of school, I went searching on flickr for tagged photos. Below is a slide show of photos tagged “first day of school.” I have no idea who any these of kids are, but they are all going back to school.

I even have a friend, Whit, who wrote a poem to document his son’s first day of school:

Second grade with Mrs. Gustafson?
I hope it will be lots of fun.
I think no classmate of yours will be a newt.

So recently you were just a larva.
And now you have become a marva-
Lous young man. What a hoot!

Storm Windows

Storm Windows

Frequently I drive down the road and spot something that I want to take a picture of. It might not be very compelling, and might not even make a very good picture, but it strikes me. More often than not, I don’t have my camera with me, so the shot remains untaken. If it somewhere nearby, or some place I drive by frequently, I put it on my mental check list to go back and shoot some time.

Well, today I drove by this old looking sign that said Storm Windows and I thought it would make a good black and white picture. I had my camera with me, so after finding what I was looking to shoot (a solar house), I came back and shot the above picture. It came out about as expected. Not earth-shattering, but solid.