Superheroes in Real Life

Mexican-born photographer Dulce Pinzón has spent much of her career dealing with issues related to the duality of Mexican immigrants trying to find their way in the US. Her Superhero project shows Mexican immigrants who toil away in regular jobs, normally unnoticed, but dressed as American and Mexican superheros for the photos. For many of them their real superpower is to provide money for their family back home, each caption includes the amount each sends home each month.

New Hope Waterfowl Waterway

New Hope Waterfowl Area

Yesterday I went to the Durham side of the New Hope Waterfowl Waterway. These are areas that were created to maintain bird habitats by adjusting water flood levels. When I got there the sky was pretty overcast, but the clouds moved out as I was shooting, so I got some great blue skies. I also got some great reflections.

Here’s a link to the rest of the photos on Flickr.