Beer in the Morning?

I woke up really early this morning (after falling sleeping on the couch) and went to the store. We needed milk, juice and coffee for breakfast. I also got some donuts: Chocolate Covered Custard filled for me, Lemon filled for Meg and Chocolate Covered with sprinkles for the kids.

Anyway, since I was there, I thought I would pick up some beer. I got some Pete’s Wicked Rallycap Ale. It used to be called Summer Ale, but it is the same stuff so I really don’t care what they call it. I got to the register and the cashier told me I couldn’t buy the beer. It was too early. I couldn’t buy beer until 7:00. It was 6:40 and she asked me if I wanted to wait 20 minutes. I said no, I had things to do.

I guess since there is a time that they stop selling beer at night, there must be a state mandated time that they start selling beer. Why is it 7:00am? Why not 6:00 or 5:30? Anyone who has been drinking all night is not likely to go into Harris Teeter and buy beer. This makes no sense.

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