200 Days of Running. In a Row.

I did not run on October 11, 2017. I did run on October 12 and every day since. I celebrated my 200-day run streak today by running 10 miles.

Here are a few stats from the past 200 runs. I ran for a total of 800 miles, with an average run of four miles. That seems about right since that is my normal, daily run distance. The minimum distance I ran was one mile. That’s the generally-accepted minimum distance for the streak to continue. I ran one mile 23 times, mostly due to weather and travel schedules, but occasionally due to tiredness or limited time. I ran my longest distance – 10 miles – 8 times, including today. I ran in several other places besides North Carolina, including Minnesota, Maine, Florida, Chicago and Belize.

I will wake up tomorrow and run. Just like it is any other day.

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