Let It Go

Last night, after another long, busy day (yes, I know we are all having them), I put my phone down and read a book. I broke from the endless crisis stress scroll of social media and immersed myself in a travel story. I normally read a couple of books a week, so reading is a natural state for me. But I have been so caught up in tracking the spread of the coronavirus that I just haven’t picked up a book in a while. The act of letting go of the crisis—it will go on whether I pay attention or not—was huge for my mental health. I was able to relieve a ton of anxiety that I didn’t even realize was weighing so heavily on me. Please take a breath and let it go for a night. Spend quality time with family, do things you enjoy, catch up with friends on Facetime or Zoom. The crisis will still be there in morning when you wake up.

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