Proselytizing at the Mini-Mart

There I was pumping gas on a Sunday morning. I wasn’t particularly introspective. I was watching Gas Station TV. Suddenly a well-dressed young woman appeared from behind the pumps. She was holding a brochure and she said, Hi, we have a web site at [redacted URL]. I told her I wasn’t interested. She smiled and disappeared. And when I say disappeared, I mean it. I didn’t see a puff of smoke, but when I drove out of the station a few minutes later there was no sign of her.

I wonder why her approach was so low key. She made no mention of religion or the name of organization, but she was clearly proselytizing. She had no questions for me that could start a conversation. She just told me they had a website. Hmmm, lots of organizations have websites. She could have just been promoting a retail store’s holiday sale. But she wasn’t.

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