Still Donuts?

I saw a new re-branded Dunkin’ store and it was just weird. It has always been called Dunkin’ Donuts. They make donuts. Sure, they have lots of other things. Muffins, breakfast, sandwiches. They’re even known for their coffee. They have used the tagline “runs on Dunkin'” for a long time. And lots of people call it Dunkin’. That shorthand makes sense. But officially changing the name to Dunkin’ is too far. They have hedged their bets a bit and still show the “DD” logo next to the name on the outside of the store. Maybe some executive thought people would get confused and not know it’s still Dunkin’ Donuts. I doubt that confused person would be convinced by a pair of Ds. This feels like branding overly influenced by hashtags and the informality of social media. I’m not feeling it.

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