Very Brown Shoes

There is a category of shoes call brown shoes. These are not dress shoes, but low-top hiking boots that are not very technical. Many people wear these as their casual knock-about shoes. One of the pairs that I have I also use as low impact hiking shoes. These are the primary shoes I wore in Belize. I climbed waterfalls in them. I waded in rivers in them. I visited Mayan ruins in them. And I wore them on a very muddy jungle hike on my last full day of adventure. Nothing dried in the jungle so I packed my wet, muddy shoes in a plastic bag inside a dry sack in my luggage. Before I could clean them, they needed to dry. A few days near the heat vent in my kitchen did the trick. I haven’t had a chance to clean the dried mud off them yet, but they are now very brown, brown shoes.

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