Sleep Study Part 2

Last night I went back to the sleep lab for my follow up study. This is the one where I sleep with a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) mask, which is a device that covers my nose and blows a constant pressue of air into my nose. This keeps my airway open, so I can breathe all night.

Before I got hooked up, we reviewed the results from my previous study. The two most remarkable things were that I only slept half the time in the last study. After waking up in the middle of the night, I was awake for two and a half hours. The other is the average number of apnea and hypopnea events occuring every hour: 22. That means that my breathing is either reduced to 50% or 0 22 times every hour. No wonder I am so tired. With the apnea events, I wake up because I cannot breathe. Most of these wakeful events are so brief that I don’t remember them, but the result is the same. I do not get a good night’s sleep.

So the basic routine was the same as the last study. A series of electrodes were attached to my head, face, neck and legs. I was also fitted with a mask over my nose. It had a tube that ran to a compressor on the side of the bed. After I laid down in bed, the technician calibrated all the electrodes. It was very strange once he turned on the CPAP machine. I needed to keep my mouth closed and breathe in an out with my nose. I needed to establish a rhythm of breathing so it could become natural. I eventually fell asleep, even though I don’t normally sleep on my back.

I woke up in the middle of the night having trouble breathing. It was mainly due to some congestion. I used some saline nasal spray to clear the congestion, and fell back asleep pretty easily.

In the morning, when the tech woke me up, I felt more well rested than normal. I wasn’t sure if it was psychological, or if I really did sleep better. Next week I should get the report from my doctor, and the prescription to get my own CPAP machine.

Eagle Scout reacts with calm

from Washington Post coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre. One of the students in the first classroom where the shootings occurred was concerned about the gunman coming back.

Whispering and trying to compose himself, [Trey] Perkins, [20, of Yorktown, Va., a sophomore studying mechanical engineering, and] an Eagle Scout, said he told Derek and the female student to keep their feet on the door in case the gunman returned.

Perkins said he went around the room, tending to the wounded students. A student named Garrett was shot in both legs. Perkins wrapped his gray pullover sweater around Garrett’s right leg.

Perkins used Garrett’s tank top to wrap the other leg. Perkins saw a sweat shirt on a desk and covered the girl with the mouth wound.

“He knew exactly what he was doing,” Perkins said of the gunman. “I have no idea why he did what he decided to do. I just can’t say how lucky I am to have made it.”

MSNBC Video with Trey Perkins on the phone

New Wilco Album

from Billboard:

Wilco: In The Comfort Zone

After Conquering Addiction And Label Drama, Jeff Tweedy Takes Solace In His Bandmates On An Intimate New Album

The Wilco loft takes up a full floor of a nondescript building in Chicago’s Irving Park. This expansive place could use a paint job and some new rugs, but it’s cozy in a way that makes you feel like you’re in a grown-up’s clubhouse.

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A Day of Baseball

Peter up at bat in his first game in the Mite League. This is his first experience with “kid pitch” baseball. In previous years, the ball was pitched by his own coach. Peter made a spectacular catch in the first inning. The ball was hit just over the infielders’ heads and Peter ran in from right field. He caught the ball just off the ground. After the catch, he held up his glove, showing he had made the catch. The crowd went wild.

Grace swings at a pitch in her first game in the Pee Wee League. Grace is playing baseball for the first time. Her coach is former UNC Center Eric Montross.

After two rec league games, we went to the UNC vs Duke baseball game on campus. The Carolina Kids Club members got to do all the jobs of running the game at “Kids Take Over the Bosh,” a reference to Boshamer Stadium. Here’s Grace taking tickets at the gate.

Peter was the PA Announcer in the bottom of the 6th inning. Carolina scored 3 runs and had a great inning. Peter called all 9 batters in the rotation and did a great job. He spoke clearly and loudly.