Stormy Worm

I just received an email with the “Stormy Worm” and it was not caught by Earthlink filters. The Subject Line was Wrapped Up and it contained the attachment postcard.exe. Since I preview all my email in Webmail before downloading, I was not in danger of downloading this. I am concerned that it slipped by Earthlink’s defenses.

Read about it here.

Local Groundhog Predicts Early Spring

from Raleigh News & Observer:

No one deserves a sunny future more than Sir Walter Wally, Raleigh’s luckless Groundhog Day forecaster.

The newest Wally, still a baby, has been hit by a car, suffering head trauma and the embarrassing loss of forehead fur.

But on Friday, he wriggled out of his cardboard burrow and whispered happy news to Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker: Spring will come early this year.

“He told me we’d have a warm year,” Meeker said at the N.C. Museum of Natural Science.

Punxsutawney Phil agreed, 500 miles to the north in Pennsylvania. So did Staten Island Chuck in New York and Georgia’s Gen. Beauregard Lee.

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Ice Scraper Redux

This morning I awoke to discover that 2 to 3 inches of snow has fallen outside my Nashville hotel. There was not much on the ground, but there was plenty on my rental car. I was so concerned that it was going to snow yesterday night (which it never did), that I had no idea it was going to snow last night.

Since the snow was pretty deep on my car, I needed to use a stryofoam bowl from the breakfast bar to clear the snow off before I could use my Cosco membership card.

This was the third day of my trip, and I really was not thrilled that I had to scrape my car before I could start another long day.

Remote Snow Day

Today I am still in Nashville and there has been a threat of snow overnight. I was not looking forward to getting snowed in in a motel, but all I could do was wait. Every few hours I kept getting up to look out the window, but there was no snow on the ground. There wasn’t even a flake.

Back home in Chapel Hill, the same snow that was supposed to fall in Nashville overnight was predicted to fall during the morning hours. Schools were cancelled last night. I kept going back and forth between Raleigh area news websites and those in Nashville, so I could keep up the weather at home and the weather where I was.

A 5:30 this morning, my phone rang. It was the automated recording from the schools district telling me that my kids did not have to go to school. Not only did I already know that, but I was out of town, so I did not get to spend the day sledding with the kids.

Flyin’ with a Rappin’ Filmmaker

Tonight I flew to Nashville and sat with Ricky B, a Nashville-based filmmaker and rap artist. I don’t usually talk to people on the plane, but we spent the whole time talking about his film projects (independent movie trailers, editing) and his music. He had been in Raleigh/Durham working with Kurtis Blow.

I also talked about my photography, blogs and podcasts. He is someone who is benefitting by New Media, especially things like YouTube, but he really didn’t know much about podcasts.

Watch his music video, which he also directed, below, or go to YouTube.

Makeshift Ice Scraper

I was on a business trip to Nashville and I woke up to a 25 degree morning. My rental car was covered with a hard frost. Since I have a garage at home, it has been a long time since I had to scrape a car in the morning before I could go anywhere. Rental cars in Michigan contain ice scrapers, but not those in Tennessee.

I opened my wallet to find a scraper. I have used a video card in the past, but this time I used my Costco card. It has the thickness of a regular credit card, but no magnetic stripe, just a bar code.

NYC Public Art: Sleepwalkers

A new public art project called Sleepwalkers by Doug Aitken was unveiled in NYC last week. It is presented by Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and Creative Time, a public art organization.

Aitken produced 5 parallel short films that each feature a single actor waking up and starting their day. They begin “walking in their sleep,” but are energized by the excitement that is New York City. Actors in the films include Donald Sutherland, Tilda Swinton and Cat Power. Follow the link above for a trailer and more information about the project.

Each evening through February 12, these films are projected on the sides of buildings surrounding the MoMA outdoor sculture garden. It runs through February 12.