Weekly Travel Summary

After returning from a last minute trip to Michigan, below is my summary for the week.
6 Airplane Trips
3 States Visited: Illinois, Michigan, Ohio (airport only)
3 Cities Visited: Chicago, Grand Rapids, Cleveland (airport only)
2 Great Lakes viewed from the air: Lake Erie, Lake Michigan
1 Trade Show Attended
1 All Day Meeting Attended
1 Hotel Night
1 Rental Car
2 Airlines
2000 Continental Frequent Flyer Miles
2.5 Southwest Rapid Rewards Credits
1/2 National Championship Game Watched
Not Enough Beer

What else drops update

In my continuing search for things that drop on New Year’s Eve, I have found:
A possum (Brasstown, NC)
A lighted beach ball (Carolina Beach, NC)
An orange (Orange County, CA)
A new Ford Edge (Buffalo, NY)
A carp (St. Feriole Island, WI)
Bologna (Lebanon, PA)

and a long list of things from a giant red shoe carrying a drag queen (Key West, FL) to a wrench (Mechanicsburg, PA) on Wikipedia.