Celebrity Readers

Peter and Grace’s school is currently conducting a Read-a-Thon as a PTA fundraiser. One of the things they encourage is to have community members (and parents) to come to the classrooms and read to the kids. I’ve been to Grace’s class and am going to Peter’s class next week.

A UNC Woman’s Track Team member came to Peter’s class and she asked the class if they knew what event she competed in. Peter raised his hand and said, Shotput. The girl was shocked because he was right. Nobody asked him how he knew, but it turns out this same girl came to Carolina Kids Camp last summer and he remembered her.

Lost Hubcap, Found Serenity

As I am driving down the road, a glint of silver catches my eye. The light reflects in just the right way that it seems as if all of creation is trying to communicate with me.

On further inspection, I realize it is merely a lost hubcap.

I stop to pick it up and discover my first impression may have been right.

Above is my entry in the CHPAC’s Community Art Project

Why he did it

News & Observer:

A UNC-Chapel Hill graduate told investigators he intentionally drove into a crowd of students on campus Friday to “avenge the deaths of Muslims around the world,” UNC Police Chief Derek Poarch said Saturday.

Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, 22, told detectives to go to the Carrboro apartment he shared with two other men, saying authorities would find evidence there that would explain his decision to hurt students. Poarch declined to say what, if anything, was found, but emphasized that Taheri-azar appears to have acted alone.

I knew I heard an explosion (New & Observer):

Authorities used some sort of explosive to get into Taheri-azar’s apartment in the University Commons complex in Carrboro on Friday. Charred fragments of molding and siding surrounded the doorway Saturday, while debris, including a white plastic kitchen trash can, latex gloves, hinges, glass and pieces of a doorknob littered the landing. The door itself, blackened and warped, leaned backward into the foyer, leaving the inside of the four-bedroom apartment open to view. Neither of Taheri-azar’s two roommates appeared to be home.

And thank goodness the news helicopters are gone.

The Pope gets an iPod

Pope Benedict XVI got an iPod on Friday, thanks to a group of workers at Vatican Radio.

According to a Catholic News Service story, the pontiff got a 2GB white Nano, loaded with, among other things, the radio station’s programming in English, Italian and German, as well as classical tunes from Mozart, Chopin and Stravinsky.

The Nano was given to the Pope following a visit to Vatican Radio, CNS reported.

Helicopters over my house

The big news around here today was this:

Authorities say 23-year-old Mohammed Reza Taheriazar drove a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee into The Pit at the UNC-Chapel Hill campus around noon Friday, injuring five students and a visiting scholar.

All afternoon one or two news helicopter have been hovering over my house. At one point there was a link on the WRAL-TV website of live footage from the helicopter, but there was no audio and no explanation of the situation.

Here’s what we eventually found out. It turns out after they arrested the guy, something he told them caused all manner of law enforcement to converge on his apartment:

Around two hours after the crash, state and local investigators surrounded Building D at University Commons Apartments at 303 Smith Level Road in Carrboro, where Taheriazar is believed to have lived. Bomb squad officers entered the building around 5:15 p.m., but there is no word if anything has been found inside.

A few minutes ago I heard what sounded like a muffled explosion. I have not found any confirmation that the bomb squad detonated anything. I keep checking, but the local news media are a bunch yahoos. They all got seriously scooped by the Daily Tar Heel, which had more information about the situation, Taheriazar and the connection between the incident at The Pit and “Police Situation in Carrboro” on their web site long before local news media had it put together.

I-Tunes must be hooked into the karma of the situation because Unmarked Helicopters by Soul Coughing just came up on random. It’s from the X Files, so it’s kind of creepy anyway.

I feel like Henry Hill in Good Fellas as he goes through his paranoid breakdown near the end of the movie, and every time he goes outside he things helicopters are following him.