Technology Makes Fruit Too

I ate the latest apple and it was delicious. The Cosmic Crisp was designed to overtake the apple market. The Red Delicious was the best-selling apple for years, until it was replaced by the Gala apple because, frankly, it tasted better. More delicious.

The Cosmic Crisp, which is both a trademarked name and a licensed apple variety, is really crisp. This is what biting into an apple should feel like in your mouth. It is also tasty. There is a balance between sweet and tart that only scientists could have developed. I don’t know how they did it (Google it for yourself), but besides the taste and the consistency, this apple has some shelf-life staying power.

I bought it because I wanted to try it. I probably won’t buy it again until the price comes down.

Dreamy NYC

I dreamed that I was walking home from work in New York City. I was going to West 82nd Street. The streets were not very crowded. There were several burlesque dancers on the sidewalk. I needed to get across the park as it was getting dark. I was waiting for the most efficient spot to call an Uber. The Metropolitan Museum of Art was on the wrong side of the street when I turned north on 5th Avenue, meaning the entire orientation of Manhattan was reversed.

Dreamy Florida

There is a place in Florida where a series of bridges and elevated roadways over a bay come together and take you to another place. It’s as if you get this bridge in Miami and suddenly you are in Tampa. It is a time-space continuum dream thing and gets you to a convergence point with only a short drive. There’s also a restaurant there.

I have dreamed about this place before. Or maybe I just dreamed that I did.