That’s (Not) Great!

Tony the Tiger’s world has been infiltrated by Big Pumpkin. Kellogg’s has released a limited edition version of Frosted Flakes. Pumpkin Spice. Clearly no kid is interested in this flavor. They are capitalizing on all the millennials who eat cereal for breakfast. But even if you are a fan of the pumpkin, do you really want your Flakes flavored in this fashion?

Delicious Food, Easily

New York’s Chinatown feels like a foreign country because it primarily serves a different culture. Everything is Chinese first, but it is easy for tourists because – in a simple, ethnocentric manner – everyone speaks English and everything is priced in dollars. This means you can walk into any dumplings shop and get an order of amazing, traditional pork dumplings for a few dollars. And you can walk to the bakery next door and get exquisite egg tarts – known as dan tat – for dessert.

Already Bought It

I heard about an album that had cover songs from high school movies of the 1980s and when I looked it up on Amazon, it turns out that I bought it in 2005. Not only do I not recall the CD at all, but there is nothing memorable from the track list. There are no bands I recognize or particular covers that stand out as being memorable. That particular order included the soundtrack and the novel from an African movie I saw. I remember that CD and have even listened to it fairly recently.

No More Colors

I renewed my car registration and received the sticker for my license plate in the mail. The month of expiration was a permanent sticker on the left, and you got a new sticker each year that went on the right. This yearly sticker was a different color every year. I always thought this made it easy for police officers to identify an expired registration from a distance based on the color of the yearly sticker.

My new sticker is white with small black text showing the month and the year. This means that all registration stickers look essentially the same and there’s no easy way to tell when it expires. Making less information available visually seems like a step in the wrong direction.