Taxes Done

Woo-hoo! I finished my taxes and we are getting a bunch of money back from the government. I guess it was our money to begin with, so we really are just getting it back.

TurboTax makes it so easy, especially when transfering info from the previous year, that I was able to do my taxes sitting on the living room coach. Occassionally, I had to get something from my desk, but mostly I just had to find info in Quicken.

Last year we bought iPods. Wonder what we’ll get this year?

A new job

After 3 months out of work, I started a new job today at a local ad agency. I have actually started on a 4-6 week contract to make sure that it is a good fit (in both directions), but I expect at the end of the contract I will be offered the job.

I am working as an account executive on a hardware account that includes a new consolidation of 5 separate brands. At the beginning, the focus of my assignment is internal project management, rather than client contact. Seems good so far, but it is a new mindset as I devise ways to keep many projects moving along at the same time.

The strangest part of this is that I have been very available for the past 3 months. I have managed to get myself overcommitted and not managed to get the things done I needed to do around the house (and in my life). Now, all of a sudden, I am not available at all, and I still have some things I have to do. I have a couple of consulting projects that I started, and I have to find some time to work on.

Up in the Air

As I was coming home from buying a couple of bird books (Peter’s cub scout den is going on a bird hike this weekend), I saw the Sky5 news helicopter in the sky heading towards our neighborhood. I shook my fist at it and screamed, “Not again.”

I got out of the car and looked in one direction to see the helicopter. Directly overhead was a red tailed hawk. I don’t know what the helicopter was looking at, maybe the Open Eye Cafe (above), but I’m sure the hawk was looking for food.