Nature in Action

I picked up a cushion from the outside bench and there were hundreds of ant eggs in the space between the boards. Now that the eggs were in the sunlight, the ant colony sprung into action and every ant grabbed an egg and moved it to an alternate, dark location. Once that egg was moved, the ant came back and grabbed another one.

This is a great example of how to respond in a crisis. Everyone knows exactly what their task is and they accomplish it. Within minutes, all of the eggs were gone because of decentralized control and an understanding of what needs to be done. The sunlight was the trigger for the ants to take action.

Missing the Library

My local public library has closed during this shelter at home time. I have plenty of books that I haven’t read, but the library is more than just getting books to read. In fact, I have a stack of library books sitting on my table that I got before the library. I’ve only read part of one book and haven’t picked up the others.

The library offers me promise of exploration. I check out way more books than I will ever read. Something looks interesting. New books come out that people are talking about. It’s easy to bring it home with optimism. But it’s not a big deal if I don’t read it. I just take it back.

I don’t buy books because I usually only read them once and there’s a chance that I will never read it. Or even worse, not like it. I can’t wait for the library to reopen, so I can check out books that I won’t read.

What I Dream About When I Dream About Running

With apologies to Murakami, I had a dream that I was running. I was given a route to run by my boss, which is clearly my brain telling me that I need to get back and run. I have not run very much or very far during our shelter at home time and I can definitely feel it. In the dream I was wearing a blanket while I was running. That is the extra pounds I’ve added while sitting at home and eating well. Deborah has baked a lot of bread. The dream run passed by several people waiting for the bus, while I struggled to run up a big hill. I definitely acknowledge my privilege, especially in these times, while thinking about others who don’t have the options and opportunities that I have.