Stories in the Stories

A library book sale has rows and rows of books for sale. They are mostly donated from the patrons and not library books taken out of circulation. There are so many stories laid out on the tables in front of you. The subjects people wanted to read about. The books people wanted to read. How long those trends lasted. When it was time to downsize. A couple dividing up books after a break-up.

History Walks In

I hadn’t seen her in the two years since we broke up. I was surprised to see her because she seemed out of place to me. I had gotten used to her memory and her physical presence was something different. I had expected to run into her somewhere, but I hadn’t. I was polite, although I didn’t really know what to say. Were there things I wanted to tell her? Probably. Did I want to introduce her to my girlfriend who was standing five feet away? Probably not. I slunk off without any parting words.

Tasty Memories

Sensory memories are just as strong as other triggered memories. I recently bought some raw cashews and every time I eat a handful of them, memories of childhood come flooding back.

It was the mid-1970s and we were part of the health food craze. We did not have cookies or candy or soda in our house and we really only got snacks from the health food store. The two most common choices were raw cashews and dried pineapple. We also got dried apricots but I didn’t care for them.

The cashews remind me of long car trips, walking about the city, going to the movies. Not that this was a special treat, but we only bought these when we were out. This means that I associate them with the fun times and not sitting around doing my homework.

Sometimes It Sinks In

My younger child, a college sophomore, sent me the following text: “I was just at a lecture that was done quite poorly. It went against everything you say a good presentation is supposed to be.” Wow, I thought. That’s pretty cool. Something I said stuck. I asked what I said a good presentation should be. “You know what you are saying and not just reading from a paper. And you don’t have tons of words on your slides.” This one is ready for the world.

Another Fall

The transition between seasons is subtle and almost unnoticeable. One day is it Spring and it gradually gets warmer until you realize that it is Summer. But the transition from Summer to Fall feels very abrupt. It is signaled by the falling leaves.

It is still 90 degrees out but the leaves are suddenly dying on their branches and floating to the ground. Accumulating. Before long the trees will be bare and the temperature will be cooler. And it will be Fall. We will wonder what happened to Summer.