Always Saturday

I was listening to a podcast and the incidental background music reminded me of Always Saturday by Guadalcanal Diary, an 80s band from Georgia. Because we now live in a world where everything is available, I paused the podcast, found the song online and started listening to it. The simple guitar riff from the podcast was indeed similar to this 30-year old college radio song. Continue reading “Always Saturday”

Keep on Reading

Last year I was surprised that I managed to read 40 books. It was a mix of fiction, non-fiction and a few marketing books thrown in. That felt like a lot of books. I just read my 40th book of this year, and we’re not even halfway through the year. That means that I can possibly double my consumption of books.

How have I managed this? I spend my free time reading. Not watching tv. Not scrolling mindlessly on my phone. Not doing yardwork. But reading. I always have a stack of books from the library. And I usually have a book with me when I go anywhere, so I can sit and read a few pages while waiting for something else to happen.

Pockets of Smell

Scent is something that exists when molecules spread out in the air. Based on the concentration, they only seem to travel so far. This creates pockets of smell where the concentration is strong enough to have an impact. Flowers seem to have a radius of smell around them. Stronger smells have a bigger smell. Think about how you encounter a skunk smell. Or better yet, frying bacon.