Ridiculous Shipping

There are some things that are pretty ridiculous to ship. One of them is shipping boxes. What kind of box do they go in? Another is bubble wrap. But you don’t have to worry about protecting it during shipping. I ordered a decorative pillow and it goes in this category too. It is lightweight, not easily damaged and a bit bulky. It was shipped in a heavy duty, plastic envelope that was form fitting. Hey, what’s in that package? No doubt that it’s a pillow.

Come Out and Play

I saw a school activity bus and the mascot of the school was the Warriors. If you are familiar with the 1970s movie of the same name you might wonder – as I did – if at sporting events they clink bottles together and chide their opponents to “Come Out and Play.” Although since they were a Christian school it is unlikely that they are taking their inspiration from New York City gangs.

The Best Biscuit Ever

My daughter used to do a video food review show when she was little. It was funny because you never knew what she was going to say. She was precocious and very funny, but not very discriminating when it came to the food. She liked everything, except the astronaut ice cream. She did an episode from the state fair where everything was the best ever. She was the same way with movies. She liked everything. I am the opposite.

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, and on the site that I track them, I also rate them. I’ve very stingy with my five star ratings. I read a lot of four star books that I like a lot, but they just don’t resonate with me enough to push it over the top. I am the same way with my emotions. Lots of really strong likes, but not easy to get beyond that.

It’s Only a House Brand

The local supermarket has its own house brand of products, as most chains do. Their food brand was created to be a bit exotic, even though the products often were not. As part of the logo is a tagline: Discover. Inspire. Enjoy. These generic products are a long way from that tag line. Maybe that’s why the tagline is so small on the package. They don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver on consumers’ expectations.

Foxy Sighting

I watch squirrels outside my home office window all day long. I see lots of birds, but many of them are brown, black or gray. The red and blue ones really stand out. Anything of color stands out. A bright orange fox walked by my window and it was quite shocking. The leaves are not yet back on the trees, so the woods are still largely monochromatic. The fox was as big as a medium-sized dog with a bushy tail. I had never seen a fox in these woods before.

Communal Bathrobe

I have read stories about the cleanliness of hotel rooms. Well, actually they were about the lack of cleanliness of hotel rooms. And it doesn’t matter how much the room costs or how many stars it has received, you should probably keep your socks on when walking on the carpet. Nicer hotels have bathrobes hanging in the closets, and I stayed in one of those hotels. As I was doing my final check to make sure I wasn’t leaving anything behind, I regretted that I didn’t have a chance to wear the bathrobe. Upon further reflection, that was probably an okay thing.