These are Not Resolutions, but 5 Ways Marketers Can Improve in 2019

With the change of the calendar, we often focus on making changes in our personal lives to improve ourselves. Many of us need this type of reset to begin eating healthier, exercising, and even reading more books. But visit your local gym on February 1 and you find that not many people have really developed consistent new habits.

Marketers are constantly in review mode throughout the year as they measure the success of campaigns, as well as reporting on weekly, monthly, and quarterly metrics. So the question is what can successful marketers do that can improve their results in 2019? I’m not a fan of resolutions, because they rarely change behavior, but there are several things for marketers to consider in the new year. Continue reading “These are Not Resolutions, but 5 Ways Marketers Can Improve in 2019”

Reading Challenge

Last year I read 22 books, so I figured that 24 books in 2018 was a manageable goal. I track my books on Goodreads, but it also gives me a place to save books that I want to read. About halfway through the year, as I was approaching 20 books, I upped my goal to 36 books. I was reading a mix of fiction, non-fiction, even a few business books thrown in. I ended the year having read 40 books.

Penny for Your Thoughts

I rarely carry or spend cash, and when I do spend it, I pay almost no attention to the coins I receive as change. They immediately go into a tip jar, the console in my car or my change collection.

I used to collect coins, but in the way kids did it. I had a penny album in the 1970s and I was looking for a penny from every year. The hardest one to find was the 1943 one made of steel, since copper had other uses during World War II. It may have been the last one needed to complete the book, but I found one. I think I still have this penny album in a box somewhere.

These two things combined made it not surprising and very surprising that I noticed a 2018 penny at the very end of the year. I had never seen one before. In fact, I don’t even remember the last time I even noticed the date on a penny.

Soft Enough for Guests

I stayed in two different AirBnBs in the past week and they had very different feels to the. One was a converted basement that had green walls and a folding card table. It was an example of no frills. The second place was also a downstairs room, but it had weathered barn wood on the walls and lots of nice touches. The soap is fancy and the toilet paper is the same that I use at home. But in the first place, the cheap hotel-style soap barely lathers and the toilet is the cheapest, one-ply, industrial toilet. Is this what the owners use for themselves, or do they just treat their guests poorly? Real hospitality is way more about the little things than the big things.

Benefits of Smart Phone Addiction

Our attention has been destroyed by smart phones. Nobody can be bored for even one second. People check their smart phones sitting at traffic lights. Clerks check them between customers. Even the guy holding the stop/slow sign on the road crew checks his phone waiting to turn the sign to the other position.

We know this bad for kids’ creativity and development because they have lost the ability for imaginative play. Traditional toys continue to be recommended over digital toys. But what if there is a benefit to all of this smart phone usage. And I mean for adults, not kids. Has literacy improved? Has creativity improved? People are reading their feeds more than people read the newspaper. People are writing updates and sharing pictures. Maybe as we are re-wiring our brains for the worse we are creating some benefit for society.