Happier Without It

As this is one of the biggest sports days of the year, it seems like a good time to remark that it has almost no meaning to me. I don’t have cable, nor will I try to find a way to stream the game online. I won’t attend a game watching party. I may not even pay attention to the outcome of the game. Watching or paying attention to sports has completely fallen by the wayside in my life. I’m not sure that I have filled the space available in my brain with something else, but except for the occasional awkward moment when others talk about sports and I have no idea what they are talking, I am happier without sports in my life.

Distracted Driving

I normally get gas on the way to work. Gas is significantly cheaper along the highway than it is in Chapel Hill. I even know which gas station has the cheapest gas. There’s a billboard with their price so I can compare it to other stations. I got off the highway on my way home to get gas. I had been on the phone, but I hung up to pump my gas. I dialed my call and got back on the highway the way I normally go. It was 13 miles before I realized that I was going the wrong way and I had to turn around. I wound up driving an extra 30 miles on my way home on top of my normal 53 miles.

Attractive Weight

I have lost a bit of weight recently. It was mostly through eating less, as well as running every day, but it’s mostly about the eating. It was dating weight that I lost. You know, the weight you gain when you are seeing someone and going out to eat and having drinks and doing all those social things that make the pounds creep up. I was running most days because I like running, but I wasn’t really able to mention that I was gaining weight. My ex-girlfriend would encourage me to eat another doughnut – my weakness – because that extra weight would make me less attractive to other women. This was mostly a joke, but not entirely.