Sometimes I wonder how different things would have been if we made different decisions. Our lives are trajectories that move forward based on both deliberate decisions and things out of our control. It’s not the big, obvious decisions – like what school you choose or what job you take – but the smaller ones that are influenced by what happens around you. Maybe a sunny day causes you to pick a different place for lunch. Or you hear a song that causes you to go see a new band live. These are the things that put you in different places than you expected to be. Maybe you meet someone new. Maybe you don’t see a friend that you might have had you been in another place. I’m not sure if it’s more comforting to think that everything is connected, or that it is unconnected.

Unsubscribe. With Personality

Buried at the bottom of every commercial email is an unsubscribe link. It’s there by law. Many brands have fun with this line, as it’s an easy way to show some personality. Here’s one from a food shipment company that has the right amount of food puns:

If we’re making your inbox (and your belly) feel a little too bloated just unsubscribe here. Don’t worry, you may shatter our hearts, but you’ll never ruin our appetite.

I did unsubscribe and landed on a confirmation page with “I guess we’ll have to eat our feelings…” on it.

When, Not If

The power of positive thinking has changed not just the attitude of my work team, but also the vocabulary. Early on, whenever anyone said something like “If we do this right,” I corrected them and said “When we do this right.” Now everyone on the team corrects themselves to say when, rather than if. I don’t even have to do it, but we acknowledge that I had an impact on behavior. Changing one words actually changes how you approach tasks.

From the Beginning

I caught up with a friend who runs a start-up technology company. He’s been at it for more than five years. Revenue continues to grow. He has over 60 employees. He’s gotten good press for some of his marquee customers. I asked him if he is getting to a place where he feels like the company growth requirements have outpaced his ability and experience and he needs to consider hiring a professional CEO. He said he felt that way since day one.


I had a dream that someone had been kidnapped. It wasn’t me, but I was involved in rescuing the unknown person. I was awake a long time thinking about this after I woke up in the middle of the night from this dream. I’m not sure if it was the pain in my arm from my flu shot or the actual vaccine coursing through my veins that caused both the dream and my associated wakefulness.