The Heat of the Day Dissipates

I used to watch sunsets every night from the same spot for a year and a half. That becomes a scientific study as much as anything. You learn about time, color and the movement of the sun over seasons. That daily ritual removes some of the metaphorical meaning from sunsets. It signifies that you have made it through another day. But this is not a negative, or even a fatalistic thought. If things are going well in your life, made it through another one is a happy feeling. “Wow, I got to spend another day with the ones I love and doing what I enjoy.” Another way to think about the sunset is that as the heat and the light dissipate from the air around you, the stresses of the day also dissolve. Ultimately, it helps prepare you for a new day.

The End of the Streak

Today is the first day that I have not run since early October last year. My streak is over. I ran 275 days in a row. My previous streak was 77 days. One mile was all that was required to keep the streak intact. I ran in the dark in the jungles of Belize. I ran at 4:30 in the morning before early plane trips. I even ran at 10:00 one night to avoid the summer heat. I knew the streak would end next week when I traveled to Croatia, so the pressure of not running was off. I didn’t run today because I didn’t feel like it. I run most every morning, but during the streak I even ran on those days I didn’t feel like it. The streak became less interesting to me. I will now go back to running most days. I just won’t run a mile on days where it’s inconvenient or I’m not feeling it.

Downward Dog is Legit

My girlfriend has asked me to join her at yoga on several occasions. The only one I did was goat yoga. She says that doesn’t count as real yoga. This week her yoga studio had a free introductory class and I went. I figured it was the best way for me to learn about yoga. I now understand why she likes it. There’s a combination of physical exertion through stretching and a mental focus through mindfulness. Both parts of that were harder than I expected. I did not sign up for the class, but I can see myself participating some in the future.

Everything is Disposable

A giant stuffed dog was popping out of a residential trash can. There are organizations that take gently used stuffed animals. I couldn’t tell the condition of this dog. Some kid won him at the ring toss at the state fair and now that he has outgrown the dog – even though it was bigger than him when he won it – his mom put it out in the trash.