Living on the Edge

There are times in your life – in new jobs, in new relationships – that start to feel like turning points. Whether it feels like living in the present without an eye to what’s next, or just a transition from the new to the normal, there is a sense of an upcoming change, a break or an edge. Things start to matter more. There are ramifications to decisions, to words, to actions. It is a magical time because it helps shape the future. The real future.

Every Thing is the Last One

My daughter is graduating high school. She is my younger child, so every thing that happens related to her high school experience is the last one for me. It is time for the senior assembly. I don’t always know if these things are important to her. Sometimes they are and sometimes they’re not. She’s not getting any awards, but as she said, she is a senior. It is important to here and I will be there.

You Talkin’ To Me?

This is not an original thought, nor a timely one, but there were several instances on the streets of New York where I thought someone was talking to me and they were on the phone. This has been a trend for many years – from the days of connecting a Jabba bluetooth ear piece to your Razor phone – but it happen enough times that I wanted to mention it. When I was growing up in New York the only people on the street talking to themselves were the homeless.