B2B Podcast Intrusion

I mostly listen to mainstream podcasts about news, entertainment and ideas. I don’t listen to any marketing podcasts, although there are a couple in my feed that I rarely get to. And there’s a short, daily tech podcast that I listen to. So it was strange to hear ads for Salesforce and LinkedIn—two B2B behemoths—advertising on shows that I listen to.

It seems that podcast audiences have grown enough that the largest of the B2B companies can use them to reach their business-centric audience.

Churches in the Real World

I usually think of churches as being above the fray and not subject to the whims of society. This refers to both the congregations and the physical buildings. Even churches are ripe for disruption these days as two nearby churches have new names and one is being torn down to be replaced by an office building.

There are likely societal forces at work here causing these changes, but it is hard to blame Amazon and Facebook specifically, which seem to be the cause of so much other disruption.

Gradual Cooling

It’s easy to miss changes when they happen gradually. Water heats slowly and you wouldn’t notice it until it’s too late. This happens in reverse too. I just had my water heater replaced because I didn’t really have hot water anymore. I had a small amount of lukewarm water. It sometimes got hot, but not often, and not for very long. This happened over time.

Now that I have a working hot water heater I realize what I have been missing. Sometimes the water is too hot and I have to turn it down. I don’t remember the last time I had to do that.


Ever since I saw the movie Altered States in 1980 I have wanted to float in a sensory deprivation tank. This type of relaxation technique is now easily accessible and available at local spas. My girlfriend got a discount coupon for a floatation session and asked me if I was interested. She expected the answer to be no. I said absolutely. And we booked the appointment.

Each of us entered our own private room with a changing space, a shower (for before and after) and an enclosed room to float. The body temperature water had 1,000 pounds of magnesium salt to ensure floating. Over the course of the hour floating in the dark you really lose the sense of where your body ends and the water begins.

It was a very relaxing experience, but you have to be willing to relax your mind and be comfortable with your own thoughts. It is a good cure for phone addiction because this level of relaxation keeps you from wanting to get sucked back into the endless scroll of a mobile device.