Did the Universe Just Change? Mom Leaves Blog Comment!

Several years ago, when I still had a blogroll I added the blog of Danny Miller. He is a freelance writer living in LA, but he is also the brother-in-law of Wilco frontman, Jeff Tweedy. I would visit the blog occasionally, but my mom became a regular reader. She recently forwarded me an email she received from Danny Miller in response to a comment she left on his blog.

Danny and his wife gave birth to a premature son, and as bloggers are wont to do, he thoroughly documented it on his blog. My mom followed along. I periodically checked in on updates, especially as they intersected with Spencer Tweedy’s blog, Jeff Tweedy’s teenage son. Visits to LA with Wilco tours always have links to Uncle Danny’s blog.

Below is the comment my mom left on the blog when Danny announced that his son Charlie was coming home from the hospital. My mom felt a bit uncomfortable leaving the comment, but she was so moved by the emotion of the story that she had to share it. In that moment of leaving her comment, she understood why people blog and how you can make real connections online.

you do not know me…i got to your blog because my son is a wilco fan…i started reading it when kendall was pregnant and have lived through all your trials and tribulations…i cried along with you…i am a jewish grandmother living in southwest florida and have 8 grandchildren…i still cannot stop crying after reading about charlie going home…he is a beautiful baby and hope to read only good things…mazel tov…

And here is Danny’s response to her via email. There are pages of comments and I’m sure he replied to every one.

Oh, Marjorie, I am so moved that you’ve been following our story and I so appreciate your support! Especially from a bona fide Jewish grandmother–I am so sad that my mom is not here to enjoy Charlie in the flesh–she was such a great bubbie.

I appreciate your taking the time to write!

All the best,

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2 thoughts on “Did the Universe Just Change? Mom Leaves Blog Comment!”

  1. Beautiful story. As much as I love Twitter and see the sea change that it and other social media have wrought, the idea of blogging and the very real connections people make when sharing life stories has been the best part of the computer revolution for me. It is somehow validating when everyday, non-techie folks like your mom are out there reading and commenting – participating in the reality of virtual relationships between actual people.

    Thanks for sharing.

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