There Were Some Good Ideas in There Somewhere

When I was teaching at Ball State, I had lots of ideas that I was trying to convey to the students. There are certainly a lot of threads to pull together in social media, some of which are hard without real business context. At times I even tried to model the real world of social media by overwhelming the students with information and sharing the ever-changing nature of the space. I tell myself that was intentional, and not the by-product of an inexperienced teacher.

I got an email from another former student that makes think I might have been on to something. The subject line was “Thanks.” The email is below.

I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for the very valuable skills you taught me in social media. Little did I know, my job as a sales rep utilizes LinkedIn on a regular basis to make contact and spread our message. Who says you need to be in marketing to utilize social media? I really had a head start over others in my position because my LinkedIn was already set up for success.

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