Don’t Dream of Corn

It was probably more than a year ago that I had a dream that we were grilling Mexican street corn and the propane tank ran out of gas. As we are heading into grilling season, and inviting people over to enjoy our upgraded backyard, I’ve been concerned about running out of gas for the grill.

When Deborah came home with Mexican street corn I reminded her about my dream. We were having a friend over for dinner and there was not much we could do other than proceed with our grilling plans.

I started the grilling the corn first. Then added the zucchini to the grill, followed by sausages. The vegetables cooked, but before the sausages finished, the gas ran out. We had to finish cooking inside.

Excited for Recycling Pickup

We are generating lots of recycling lately, mostly due to new outdoor furniture and accessories that arrive in shipping boxes. I am excited that the recycling can has been emptied so now we can fill it with the empty boxes stacked up in the entryway.

Cover the Fire

My stainless steel fire pit now has a lid to keep the rain out of the ashes. It also serves as a table when gathering in the fire pit circle. I can pre-build the fire before my guests arrive, use the lid to convert it to a table, and once the meal is done just remove the lid and light the fire.

Hiding Place

The cat is curled up behind the gas grill because it is the shadiest spot on the deck.

Word of the Day

I was on a dictionary website and they wanted me to subscribe to their word of the day email. It took me a minute to realize that the current word of the day was not newsletter.

Mystery Notebook

Deborah woke up from a nap and a small notebook was laying on her arm. It seemed to be someone’s affirmations about their spiritual journey or their 12-step program. Mystery number one is that we have no idea whose it is. Neither of us recognize the handwriting. Mystery number two is how did it get in the house? And mystery number three is how did it get on Deborah’s arm?


The towels have to be folded the same way and put away with the biggest fold facing out. The patterns on the pillows must be in the same orientation. And the shower curtain rings all need to face the same direction.

Long Hair, Don’t Scan

During a routine temperature scan I had to move my hair out of the way because not enough of my forehead was showing.

Library is Open

I went to my local library for the first time in 14 months. It was surreal experience. Questions, temperature scan and hand sanitizer at the door. Limited patrons. My book on hold was waiting for me. It was about a library. Did all the books miss people? A large percentage of books in a library never get read, so it may not have seemed different to them. And the bestsellers cycled through a normal series of readers with reservation pickup. Back to normal is not going to feel like normal for a while.

PB&J Cereal

This cereal is perfect for brunch because it combines breakfast and lunch.