Loaded Flowers

The flowers on display at the garden store attract bees, so if you buy one with a bee buzzing around does it follow you home?

Super Flyswatter

Only my wife would have a flyswatter with dustpan attached to sweep up the dead bugs. I made of this until I used it. Not only does it work, but the dustpan is helpful.

Hand-breaded Chicken

I saw a fast-food restaurant announcing they were now offering hand-breaded chicken. I’m sure that it is as opposed to machine-breaded, but I pictured foot-breaded chicken as the opposite technique.

Cucumber Water

My water bottle has a grate at the top to keep anything from flowing through with the water when I’m drinking from it. This would most commonly be ice, but I started infusing the water with slices of cucumber to make it refreshing.

Star Patterns

The light blocking drapes had several small holes in them causing them to look like stars in the night sky.

Shopping Cart Removal

The shopping carts in a city store were equipped with devices that prevented them from leaving the store. I didn’t test it, but could this prevention device be overcome by just carrying it out the door? If the wheels locked outside the store, the cart no longer functions and the test doesn’t matter.

Nighttime Crabs

Walk carefully on the beach at night because there are crabs skittering away in front of you. They are small and translucent, so you will miss them without a flashlight.

No Housekeeping

We just stayed at our first hotel since emerging from the pandemic and they did not have housekeeping services. We were not told this at check-in. There was no sign in the room. We happened to have noticed it on the TV screen messages. Apparently you needed to call to request service. We requested it and the response was ok, if it is available. All it consisted of was clean towels, toiletries and emptied trash.

Angry Tendon

I’ve been going to an acupuncturist to treat my sore arm and he discovered what he called an angry tendon. I pictured an anthropomorphic tendon with a scowl on his face. That’s not as fancy as the smiling sperm with a top hat in the book Where Did I Come From?

Automatic Tolls

I got an EZ-Pass transponder and associated account because it saved money on my multiple drives through West Virginia to and from Missouri to see Deborah. It came in handy while driving through the Northeast because it was easier than stopping for tolls.

I wasn’t sure if you need money on account for toll payment to register, but it turns out you don’t. I have my account set to automatically refill my balance when it drops below $10, so I don’t even need to worry about paying a monthly bill later.