Dressing Up for Success

This morning I saw a woman dressed as Wonder Woman in the airport. She had a cape and a golden lasso. She told me that she wished she had been able to fly here in her invisible plane. She was in town for business meetings.

Transformative Properties of Water

A little bit of water, well actually a lot of water, that is used in commercial agriculture transforms tracts of desert land into fields as green as a suburban lawn.

Surprising Parallels to Life and Business

Today I went rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park. It wasn’t something I had done before, so I took an all-day introductory class. You are fully supported while you are climbing, so you don’t need to worry about falling. A successful rock climber plans out their route. They know where they are trying to get and figure out where to go before they make a move. It is a very patient endeavor where you make slow, incremental moves to reach your goal. These all sound like great ways to approach both life in general and business specifically.

Are You Speaking to Your Audience?

On the road between Los Angeles and Palm Springs is a billboard for the new Rolling Stones album. There are so many things wrong with that sentence. I’ll start with, the Rolling Stones have a new album? Really? And with more people streaming music these days, is a sign poking out of the desert really the best way to let people driving 70 miles per hour past it know about it. Unless there’s some connection with an older audience traveling to Palm Springs and this septuagenarian-led band.

There are Gerbils Powering Your Website

I met the US marketing manager for a foreign airline and he described the primitive nature of the company website. He called it a DOS website as he talked about the limited fields for entry. After clicking the giant button to purchase your tickets he said you could almost hear the gears spinning in the background. I offered that maybe they were actually gerbils running on a wheel in the background. That made sense to him.

Hooray for Hollywood

Today I saw the Hollywood sign. It’s high up in the hills that surround Los Angeles. It was too far away to photograph, but close enough to be recognizable. It is one of those icons that I’ve seen so many times in movies and on tv that it’s almost hard to believe it’s real. And it’s just up there.

Today’s Marketing Automation Rant

Sometimes I feel the rant coming. It starts in the pit of my stomach and works its way out to my throat. So this post via voice is a good outlet to talk about it, rather than writing a whole blog post about it. I visited a website to explore a piece of content and I get an email from a sales person asking me if I have 15 minutes. This is not what content is for. As much as I hate to say it, but send me more email to learn more about what I’m interested in before sending a sales person my way.

Polite Conversation

We have always been told that we should not talk about religion or politics in polite conversation. I even read an article recently that these are two topics that we should avoid at work. But driving down the road these are the most common topics for bumper stickers. Oh, and honor students.

Strategic Morning Mindfulness

I don’t want to get all New Agey on you, but marketers need to spend some time reviewing their strategies and goals every morning or at least at the beginning of every week. I call this strategic morning mindfulness.
We get so caught up in our daily lives and are so busy with tactics that we lose track of what it is we’re trying to do. If you focus on the big things rather than the small things, you wind up spending more of your time doing the right things.

Early Voting

It’s a beautiful Saturday in North Carolina and a good day to wait in line for early voting. The line actually runs past the point where volunteers can no longer solicit us. More than half of NC voters voted early in 2012 and it could be larger this year as people just want this crazy thing to be over.